Zverev vs Tsitsipas head to head

2021.10.28 04:50 FinalConstruction578 Zverev vs Tsitsipas head to head

How did Zverev manage to beat Tsitsipas on hard court in their 2 recent meetings? What did Zverev do differently compared to before?
Tsitsipas still leads their h2h but not sure what changed, Zverev might have already overcame the Tsitsipas problem. Is it a mental thing or did Zverev made some adjustments to his game?
Of course on clay Tsitsipas still wins.
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2021.10.28 04:50 KaleAway6968 🐕SHIBACAKES Launched 5 Minutes | Next x100 gem | first Audit done💎 | Flokis last wish 💭| huge marketing 📈| FairLaunch 💰

The last wish from SHIBACAKES
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We are a team consisting of 3 motivated people, we will do everything
we can to to have a nice trip.
What exactly to expect from us can be found on the roadmap on our website.
⭐️ Tokenomics
💰 5 % BUSD Rewards
📺 6 % Marketing
📈 1 % LQ
📉 2 % Extra sell
🔥 30 % Burned
Buy 7% 🤑
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Our Team is experienced and aims to make Mini Shiba to the best
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All holders of SHIBACAKES tokens automatically receive $BUSD tokens
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We plan a Huge marketing, which includes
➡️ ads on Poocoin
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➡️ popular crypto influence
➡️ listing
➡️ CG
➡️ CMC
➡️Contract: 0xbcced58ba6fafcb4781ecd6baf10d229cd08ac6d
➡️ Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xbcced58ba6fafcb4781ecd6baf10d229cd08ac6d
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xbcced58ba6fafcb4781ecd6baf10d229cd08ac6d#readContract
➡️ LP LOCKED:https://deeplock.io/lock/0x126ccf2875f61a96eee1558ceed2db7137248404
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2021.10.28 04:50 ParticularBelt1173 People in 1957 made more sense....

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2021.10.28 04:50 old_story5500 Jam man

Jam man is basically a ‘stereotypical bachelor’ and we’ve all gotta keep tabs on our own jam man...
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2021.10.28 04:50 SuperMarioBros843_of My first pepe medal 🙂

My first pepe medal 🙂 I traded my 7.5mil and received one pepe medal. 🏅 nice
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2021.10.28 04:50 YWHK 27 de Octubre de 2021

Aniversario del descubrimiento de Cuba por Cristobal Colon.
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2021.10.28 04:50 ilknurr 68% off >> $19.99 >> KALOAD 5 Pcs 150LBs Fitness Resistance Band Set Banggood Coupon Promo Code

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2021.10.28 04:50 TraditionalGoal422 🐕 Wonder Shiba 🏏 - We are the anti-meme dog, meme dog token. Contract Renounced / LP Burned / 🔥BURN wallet 🔥

not another Uniswap clone,
no useless NFTs,
no roadmap,
no fake promises,
just Wonder Shiba memes 🏏
We're honest with you.
Wonder Shiba is the most memeable project in the crypto space.
Not convinced? Google " Wonder Shiba " and look at the images 😊
We've got the best community, the best memes, the best energy.
We're on a mission to bonk all other meme tokens - and you can join us for this ride! 🤘
Our community is constantly organizing raids, doing marketing and designing memes 🚀
We went from $2000 market cap to $6m market cap within 3 days, and currently on a dip!
This is going to go parabolic just because of the sheer force behind it 🔥
Is Wonder Shiba safe?
Liquidity was locked forever by burning all LP tokens 🔥
Ownership of the contract was renounced.
Contract is a 1:1 copy of SafeMoon which was audited by Certik.
Top holder owns only 0% of the supply.
10% tax on all transactions:
8% are distributed to fellow Wonder Shiba holders,
2% are added to liquidity to create an ever rising price floor.
🐕Contract address: 0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb
🐕BUY HERE:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xb4e6cb8939784f034a167f3cd2827d99a865a1bb#readContract
🐕LP Locked:https://deeplock.io/lock/0xccd1e103a7a9a00bc2f27455eb107163c6666f68
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2021.10.28 04:50 Civil-Hospital-5825 It sucks to go days without talking

You know I never realized it until now but it’s been 3 days since I’ve actually have a conversation with another human being. Like I have not opened my mouth to talk to someone for 3 days. I only go on campus at university one day a week, and even then I don’t have any friends to talk to. Other than that I live on my own with no pets and no one ever calls me either. So I just end up going days without even saying a word. What a shit life to live.
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2021.10.28 04:50 Raveen92 What Cell Carrier is the worst about telling clients to come in without needing an appointment?

And/Or, saying we already have ordered a replacement iphone any they just need to pick it up?
Just gonna hold this poll up for a week because I'm just curious.
View Poll
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2021.10.28 04:50 helperfused All u people with the blue light arguments make good points but can I just say rn I love her so pls stop

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2021.10.28 04:50 awaisirshad1 alphassl wildcard

alphassl wildcard Buy cheap alphassl wildcard certificate from TrainTLS. AlphaSSL Wildcard TLS saves you amounts of money when securing multiple or even unlimited sub domains.
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2021.10.28 04:50 Lorraine_Swording If Rosaria hates to be a nun then why she became one?

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2021.10.28 04:50 Clean_Recover6122 Please stop arguing about the endings and yen or triss!

Why people won't stop arguing about this two subjects? This game came out 6 years ago and people are still arguing about this two subjects, there are endless discussions about this two, 2 weeks ago i posted a poll about the favorite ending only to know which one is more popular, but the truth is i already knew the answer, i've watched so many polls about the endings and triss or yen, in every poll i've seen one of the endings was always more popular than the other two and always gets more than 70/80 percent of the votes and that was the case in my poll too, but this proves nothing,this is your game and even if you like something that other people don't it is still valid that is the case in every RPG games, but i just posted that poll to see if i get the same result in this sub too? And i got the same result like any other polls, i posted another poll about yen or triss only to know which one do you like more, there's nothing wrong with that, but it seems even if you ask for people's personal favorite about this two subjects they start fighting! What is the point? Why people can't respect each other's choices, why there always have to be discussions about this two subjects? This is a role playing game, this is your game! Do whatever you want, but it seems people can't do that or won't without arguing! They gave us 3 main endings for the game and which one is best is completely subjective, and each one of them are best in their own way, even the sad ending!
If you care more about your characters happiness and their wish for their future then the good ending is your best ending,
If you care more about the world then the bittersweet ending is your best ending
And even if you are a fan of dark endings, the sad ending is your best ending They made an ending for every kind of person
That's it, i don't understand it's been 6 years since the game came out and people are still arguing and fighting about this! Your game, your choices, this was the cd projekt's point and there is no need to argue about each others choices,
i hate discussions about the endings and i hate discussions about yen or triss even more! Why should people fight about choosing your love of life? You can choose yen or triss depending on your taste or even if you don't like them you can be a lone wolf
Whatever you choose that's your game, and we shouldn't argue about the choices we made in the game, instead we should talk about the other subjects,we should find the hidden details and talk about them rather than this two subjects,
I've spent 1500 hours in the witcher 3 and many hours reading the books only to find the smallest details about everything, and i would be glad to talk about them with you guys but instead, after 6 years people are still arguing about this two subjects, please let's just enjoy the game and don't fight about this two subjects, yes it's true that when a game cames out people might discuss about certain things but after 6 years still arguing about the things that have been argued more times than you can count is pointless
Sorry for the language btw, im not a native
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2021.10.28 04:50 14punkteflensburg Such dir jemanden, der dich mit so einem Blick anschaut

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2021.10.28 04:50 T3knikal95 What is your opinion on the game potentially getting a 4-point line?

I want to know what you all think about this potential change to the game that might happen in the future.
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2021.10.28 04:50 rednryt How do you overcome regret?

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2021.10.28 04:50 NotDrooler [USA-TX] [H] Paypal [W] Racing accessories (Logitech G29 wheel, shifter, pedals)

I'm in the market for a Logitech G29 racing wheel set or similar, mainly wheel and pedals. Looking for $175-$200 shipped (more with shifter). Thanks!
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2021.10.28 04:50 jinsei_j How did you identify food allergy?

Not sure if this is the right sub to ask this question. Anyway. Those of you who have allergy to any kind of food, how did you first identify your allergy? What are you allergic towards and what symptoms did you have after consuming that particular food? Since Indian food has many ingredients, how did you zero down upon what caused the allergy?
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2021.10.28 04:50 _ecraser H

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2021.10.28 04:49 aominesleftarm double major - marketing and ???

what major do you think goes well with marketing and why? im doing a double major in marketing/finance but im having second doubts about it :')
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2021.10.28 04:49 Broad-Possibility231 Thoughts on my portfolio on Invest Now

Hi there,
I am 28yo. New to investing. Looking for long term growth (5+ years) through passive investing and to potentially contribute some money from investments to buy a house. I have a kiwisaver with ASB that is on the growth fund with an 8% contribution rate.
I would like to ask a question about how i can improve my portfolio allocation and whether i need to add or remove any funds.
I have not yet deposited into these accounts but this is what I am planning on doing.

  1. Vanguard International Shares Selection Exclusion Index Fund (Hedged) - 50%
  2. Smartshares US 500 ETF (USF) - 30%
  3. S&P/NZtop50 (NZG) - 20%
So that's
- 50% Global shares
- 30% US shares
- 20% Domestic NZ shares
I understand that there is a significant overlap in terms of the weighting attributed towards the US market between the Vanguard Intl Shares Select Exclusions Index Fund and the Smartshares US500 ETF. The reason I chose to include both these funds was so that I could rebalance my portfolio in times where i needed to be safer or take on more risk. I.e. Buy more Smartshares US500 for greater returns if i want to take more risk (I understand that the Smartshares Us500 yields a greater return than the Vanguard one but is there a significant difference?) OR buy more Vangaurd in times where i need to be more play it safe as it is more diversified. Or would that be the wrong way to go about it?
What are some good reasons to have both the Vangaurd and Smartshares US500 ETF? Should i be just dropping the US500 and stick with just the Vanguard fund?
I'm also alittle concerned about doing the taxes on my own using the FIF tax rules so having said that, if i were to just stick with one global fund that is heavily weighted towards the US market would going for the Smartshares Total World ETF be better as it is a PIE fund? However, I heard the Smartshares Total World ETF is more expensive when it comes to their expense ratios, so would the Smartshares yield lower returns than the Vanguard Intl Shares Select Exclusion Index fund in the long term as the fees would eat away at my returns despite the tax benefits?
Also should i be thinking of adding other funds? e.g. multi asset growth funds into my portfolio that includes a mixture of all like stocks, bonds, cash etc? Or dont bother with these? Or would these 3 funds be enough to cover my bases for now? I was thinking of including bond funds later as a shock absorber as my risk tolerance gets lower as I age or should i just include a bond fund now?
Many questions I know... Would really appreciate some feedback
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2021.10.28 04:49 jamesstrogg Countdown continues...number 5.

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2021.10.28 04:49 waiting-for-myturn Gathering the City to Win Back His Ex-Girlfriend

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2021.10.28 04:49 Least2020-2022 日本向留学生提供敏感技术将实施许可制

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