2021.10.28 04:11 Oxy_2 bruH

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2021.10.28 04:11 avucaduu -

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2021.10.28 04:11 hypes11 Love This Game - Feedback So Far

Just wanted to say I played a tiny little bit solo when it first dropped on Game Pass. Left it.
Came back recently with the Haze update and convinced a friend to get into it and yeah, most fun I've ever had with an early access game for sure. Despite lots of little glitches and a couple annoyances, well worth the time. We were getting our butts kicked for a long time but have finally started getting to explore most of the biomes. Still got some stuff to do in the garbage area and poison area but yeah.
Common glitches we've experienced that I'm assuming are happening to everyone but just in case:
right side of the screen flashing red or blue or black on occasions (usually when leaving inventory menu), achievements not popping for anyone other than host (unless this is intended to keep people from just boosting achievements for other people idk), lots of bugs spawning under the ground or inside parts of the oak tree and being stuck, sometimes my teammate would still appear to be on the zipline while not on the zipline (as in hed be holding the zipline handle and on that pose while moving around until getting back on a zipline again), the debug option to reset backpacks doesn't work with the host,xs backpack (had a moment where his backpack got stuck in a pit in the poison area surrounded by exploding fungus and infected weevils and it was super annoying and took like 6 tries to get his backpack out of that pit, the purple smoke from the crash site for my friend (who is the host) after fixing burgle but it has stayed a constant purple signal flare for me the entire time we've played.

  1. Retrieving your backpack can be super annoying to the point where losing my backpack sometimes discourages me from further exploring when I'm especially far from base and/or have particularly good stuff on me. I'm not sure what to do about it since you need there to be risk and stuff to lose for a game like this to feel it has any consequences but idk. Maybe you could craft a smaller pouch tied to your waist that lets you hold like 3 slots of items (whether they be weapons, tools, crafting materials, or otherwise) and the pouch and everything in it stays with you when you die. I also think you should be able to pick your friend's backpack up for them (maybe they'd have a setting they could toggle on and off that let's friends pick it up) so you can try and retrieve their gear for them if they die and you lived or if you're just better equipped to retrieve it. Like it could be a one slot item you pick up and then hand over to them and when they "use" the backpack it fills their inventory (or notifies them it cant be used due to lack of inventory space if they have too much other stuff on them currently to fully empty the backpack). I also think
  2. Mosquitoes are a tad too aggressive in pursuing as far as I'm concerned. My friend and I have each had mosquitoes follow us halfway across the map despite weaving in and out of low hanging plants and stuff it couldn't quite fit under while full sprinting. Idk. Maybe turn their distance for one chase before losing interest down just a tad.
Ideas for future content (some of which might already be in the game but I just haven't gotten to yet):
  1. Mounts. Like maybe you can tame ants and bees and equip them with a saddle. But they have a stamina meter like you and also need you to give them sap or other food offerings occasionally otherwise they'll ditch you. The bee would be especially tricky since people would be able to go places not necessarily intended and you'd need invisible walls. Plus it might sequence break to an extent. Idk. Tough to implement but an idea for some point maybe.
  2. Preying mantises. (friends idea). And maybe you could make swords from their arms that are fast and do solid damage but also less durable than other blades. Also maybe you could dual wield the swords? (how this would work with controls/menus is a small issue though). And if you're dual wielding them and hold both attack buttons at once you can cross them in an X shape to block.
  3. Vegetable Garden/greenhouse biome. Pretty self-explanatory. Mayne there'd be some vegetables you could chop or smash with certain tiers of axe and hammer to get food or possibly building materials from. I'm thinking tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, maybe potatoes. Potato armor is a funny idea to me. Like something slow and heavy that just adds a ton of defense at the cost of stamina regen and movement speed. I guess there'd be lots of ants and flies here. Maybe a new species of ant to deal with like flying fire ants or something idk. Maybe a large bunny that strolls through and leaves fluff for you to find and craft with. (Similar to the raven, maybe it'd always skitter away far too fast fod you to get close to or maybe it'd be running around some area just above the garden that's understood to not be somewhere the player can get idk).
  4. I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought of this but getting inside the house at some point could be cool. Of course that introduces more problems to deal with. What enemies do you have inside the house? How do youe explain no one ever being home? What materials are there? How do you explain not letting the player build stuff inside the house because it could give them away to whstever humans live there. Idk all stuff that could probably change or work depending on story context which I thus far have none of. Plus inside the house would probably turn it more into Toy Story than Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Seems like being immersed in giant nature contending with insects is the big draw of the game so straying too far away could be a dumb idea. Idk.
Either way, love it so far, still have a lot of stuff to do, and cant wait to see what future updates bring.
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2021.10.28 04:11 GeorgieLeach 🌎 $ Bagus wallet: building next generation decentralized applications | 💎 Pre-sale| 🚀Next x100 |💎Pre CMC & CG | 💎 New gem | Doxxed Team| 💰 Innovative marketing strategy|🎁 Rewards | Strong community | Fair launched | Token longevity | Amazing Dev

Bagus Wallet is a crypto wallet that supports multiple networks and NFT collections.
Get all the latest news in relation to the amazing 🌎 Bagus Wallet. Join their community!
💲Where to buy? Bagus Wallet 💲
Presale 28th – 31st October:
👉 What is the Bagus Wallet token exactly?
Bagus Wallet presented with the aim of making it easier for crypto users to access assets, watch assets and estimate with priority on secure, simple and easy to use. With the development of the blockchain network, Bagus Wallet is equipped with several different network options, which can make it easier for users to switch networks anywhere and anytime. The first phase of Bagus Wallet is launched in the android version, then it will be developed in the iOS version.
The token is designed to give rewards to holders and at the same time help preserve cheetahs.
📌 Symbol: BG
📌 Total quantity: 500.000.000
💲 Private sale: 3%
🌐 Marketing & Partnership: 10%
📌Public Sale / IDO: 27%
📌Team Allocations: 8%
💲 Strategic Wallet: 10%
💲 Liquidity: 5%
📌 Ecosystem Growth: 7%
💲 Treasury: 30%
🌐Whitepaper done? Yes!
📍 Sep - Oct 2021:
· Launching the App
· Website & Social Media Release
· Airdrop
· Private Sale
· Audit the App & SC
📍 Oct - Dec 2021:
· Launching Pool & Farming Testnet
· Launching Bagus Exchange
· Community Staking
📍 Jan - Mar 2022:
· Event burn $BG Token
· License
· Partnership
📍 Apr - Jun 2022:
· Event Burn $BG Token
· Added Payment Virtual Account
· Cex Listing
📍 Jul - Sep 2022:
· Event Burn $BG Token
· Launching the App on IOS Q3 2022
📈Contract address on BSC:
🔗 Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Bagus Wallet token’s team has given you a wide variety of social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
🌐 Website:
📱 Telegram:
🕊 Twitter:
📘 Medium:
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2021.10.28 04:11 eli08eu Methods for cleaning dusty 40k models before paint

I have some 40k miniatures that have sat on a desk for 2 years and collected quite a bit of dust. They have all been primed back when I assembled them in 2019. Unfortunately they have a ton of small fragile spikey bits that are prone to breaking so I'm looking for a good way to clean them up before I make an attempt at finally painting them. I've tried using canned duster gas and my airbrush to get some of the dust off but they didn't do a great job. Would it be worth trying to give them a quick rinse off or would I risk ruining the primer coat? Open to any suggestions, thanks!
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2021.10.28 04:11 rottenshark19 [Throwback 3 years ago] My last vacation before Covid. DSLR cam. Foreground and hair highlight touch up applied. Quality set to 60% of original. Nagasaki, Japan.

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2021.10.28 04:11 Mrdean2013 Videodrome (1983)

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2021.10.28 04:11 NeverWereComics “Family Ties”: an unpublished X-Men tale from a different era

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2021.10.28 04:11 priths3 This was impressive

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2021.10.28 04:11 sburgess86 MLF2 modulates phase separated nuclear envelope condensates that provoke dual proteotoxicity

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2021.10.28 04:11 xpiromanx Exclusive feed from hand cam.

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2021.10.28 04:11 Mismatched_TubeSocks I know it's no longer Wednesday night. I missed the window by 11 minutes here. Who wants some N. Zed humour music?
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2021.10.28 04:11 thefirstofthe77 Never be afraid to take profits.

Did I sell my shib early? Maybe. But I know I got 4 times what i put in. On top of that i still got a small bag just incase it moons. You know what else I got? A little more bitcoin, eth and dot. I don't know where shib will end up but I know those 3 are on sale.
Moons and 5 zillion % returns are great but moments like these are serious opportunities to flip some cash put in a gamble into a much more stable and reliable opportunity that will most likely still be here 5 years from now.
I did the exact same thing with doge. I could of timed my moves a little better but I was close enough that it was a huge percentage boost to my account. Even if you mess up the timing it's completely worth doing it slightly wrong.
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2021.10.28 04:11 hrishi696996 Sushi 🍣

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2021.10.28 04:11 Utamason Hang Seng slips as Ping An, Sinopec show weak earnings on China slowdown

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2021.10.28 04:11 Willing_Lynx_7437 • Pitch Finance Ecosystem •
Pitch Finance platfom is available to any kind of people to paticipate in decentralized economy. Mint your own token, create presale, trade OTC. They are on a mission to optimize, improve and add value to the core operations of Defi Apps & Projects.
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2021.10.28 04:11 z0mbi3xx Costlier VP Packs provide lesser value

Costlier VP Packs provide lesser value I was just checking around for which VP pack was the best for me and was stunned to find out that in one of the case a costlier VP pack was actually less worth than a pack cheaper than it. From my experience this should not be the case.
Here is an explanation
₹2700 gives 3650 VP (lets say, pack 1) and ₹4000 gives 5350VP(lets say, pack 2). A simple division shows how much VP the respective pack gives for ₹1
3650/2700 = 1.35 5350/4000 = 1.33
For better understanding, if I had ₹108,000 (the LCM of the 2), buying pack1 40 times is better than buying pack2 27 times (both cost ₹108,000 but pack1 gives 146,000VP and pack2 gives 144,450)
Is this a mistake or is this intended? (kinda feels like a scam)
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2021.10.28 04:11 KingBumiOfOmashu Revamping the Tier List: Combustion Man

Combustion Man
This is something I planned on doing bi-annually and the time is now, especially considering that loads of people (including myself) have a problem with the way the community ranked the last tier list. click to view previous tier list
Once again I’ll be leaving the criteria for ranking a character within a tier up to the community (THAT’S YOU GUYS), so don’t come to me crying again like the last time about how I didn’t give any information as to how YOU should rank characters (because just like last time, I’m letting you all know it’s up to yourselves).
As for how characters rank in their specific tiers, such as:
I’m implementing a new way to place those characters and that would be:
• Whichever comment has the most upvotes is the placements that we’ll go with (since they have the most people agreeing with their content)
The only comments that will count will be comments where:
• This person ranked every single character in that tier (you can’t leave any characters out because “it was too hard to rank them”, etc)
• This person explained every single placement (you can’t just make 1,2,3 placements and not explain why, those comments will be deleted)
But this won’t happen until the very end and all characters have a tier.
I’ll be adding more tiers to make this easier for everyone since alot of people complain that “it’s too many characters in this tier”. Tiers will have a maximum of 10 characters only.
Tiers God Tier

Z Tier

SS Tier

S Tier (High)

S Tier (Low)

A Tier (High)

A Tier (Mid)

A Tier (Low)

B Tier (High)

B Tier (Mid)

B Tier (Low)

C Tier (High)

C Tier (Mid)

C Tier (Low)
Lastly, another reminder, I will be deleting comments:
• Comments that contribute absolutely nothing
• Comments that talk about characters we haven’t reached yet
View Poll
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2021.10.28 04:11 RobNowell How many outages do you get?

My dish arrived a month ago and got installed on the roof ten days ago. It now has an unobstructed view of the sky in all directions, down to an elevation of about 20 degrees. I get about 10 to 15 outages every 12 hours, as reported by the Starlink page, mostly 15 seconds each.
Mostly I am very happy with Starlink's performance, but this level of outages is going to be a real nuisance for real-time interactions like video calls and gaming. Maybe it will improve when there are more satellites and the infrastructure is more developed. I am in Italy, at 43N, and I think my nearest groundstations are quite far way; my IP often gets reported as located in Czechia and never in Italy.
How does your experience compare?
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2021.10.28 04:11 Morganbanefort The Tale of the Manson Tapes

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2021.10.28 04:11 brack-nelson Squid Game- Gave rating out of 10.

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2021.10.28 04:11 NaughtyScots-1 Back again reddit 😈💦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿wife

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2021.10.28 04:11 ReadDailyCoin Bitcoin Falls Over 5% but Remains One of the World’s Top Ten Largest Assets — DailyCoin

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2021.10.28 04:11 Maximum_Ad6878 $MDC | Monster Doge | King of Doge rewards 7% Reflections, Just Launched, Coin Gecko, CMC coming soon 💎x1000 GEM

I believe you have seen a lot of bad monsters but this Monster Doge will make you the happiest holder ever seen.
Who chooses to follow Monster Doge will be rewarded in DogeCoins 💰 every 20 minutes. Do not wait any longer and join our ever-growing community and enjoy the Monster rewards. 🔥
Thanks to a magical reflection, the followers share among themselves 7% in DogeCoins for each sale and 8% in Dogecoins on each purchase every 20 minutes which are magically awarded to Monster holders 💰 .
Thus, as a holder, you do not need to do anything it will automatically go to your wallet as DogeCoins.
Our anti-whale measure allows the sale of only 1M $MDC per transaction, which avoids the collapse of the chart and reward the holders.
Just hold a minimum of 10,000 $MDC and you will receive DogeCoin every 20 mins.
Do not wait any longer and join the adventure of MonsterDoge!
On Transactions:
Total Supply: 1 Billion Coins,
🥞 7% DOGE Reflections
💧 1% Auto-Liquidity Pool
🤓 2% Marketing Fees
More Goodies:
🔒 Liquidity Lock: 1 Year ⏰ Every 20 minutes Auto-Payments
✅ Anti-Dump + Anti-Whale Functions
✅ 7% Auto-Doge Reflections (This will make us lots of $$$)
✅ Endless Marketing Budget
✅ Reflections APP 🔥 COMMUNITY TIME 🔥
Contract: 0x0a67abd05e17158563c8283c941281c32bedcff0
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.28 04:11 MindfulChase Question bout questioning

Hey everybody. I’ve been trying to figure things out and not sure who in my personal life to ask so figured I’d post this on the forum. I’m confused and want to start putting myself out there (dating) with some level of certainty that I’m not deceiving somebody unknowingly. I’ve always assumed I was straight but, being a virgin, I guess I’m not 100% sure. I imagine the best way for a virgin to determine their sexuality is porn, but even that’s a head scratcher for me. I can get off to most types of porn. The problem is that I feel like I watch porn in different ways. Like if I’m watching solo girls or lesbians I imagine having sex with them to get off but with gay porn its almost like certain things look like they feel good, vicariously, if that makes sense. But If I imagine having sex with either of the guys, I feel odd and can’t really masturbate to it. I probably didn’t think too much about this until I read some study about how homophobic men get turned on by gay porn. At first I was (ironically) testing if I homophobic and the first time I watched it I don’t remember feeling anything in particular but then the doubt settled in and I kept checking. I don’t even know if I enjoy watching it or not because I feel a lot on anxiety about it. I can’t really fantasize about having sex with guys, only girls, but maybe that’s due to lack of experience? It also takes me a bit longer to get a boner when watching gay porn but I can eventually get there. I feel kind of anxious about it all and find myself trying to get an answer to something about myself that seems unanswerable. I’ve got gay friends but I don’t want them to get offended cause they’ve known me a long time and they’ll think I’m pulling a joke or something. Any other gay dudes on here can relate to my story? How do u watch porn? Are you imagining the sensations or actually imagining yourself having sex with a dude. How’d you allow yourself to fantasize about guys? I’m probably bisexual cause I have a lot of fantasies about girls but I feel like sex with a guy just doesn’t make sense in my head so that’s why I can’t get aroused. Guys seem attractive to me now that I think about it, but I don’t think I necessarily wanna have sex with them. Sorry this was long and awkward but answers would be much appreciated and would help me out more than u know. Kinda tired of exhausting myself over this.
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