Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

2021.10.28 05:30 johnrock001 Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations

Top 10 Witch Anime Recommendations -
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2021.10.28 05:30 luckyscarab How do you deal with anxiety before your partner starts a new chapter in their life?

Hi! So I've(F21) been dating my boyfriend (M24) for a few months now, and it's been great! We already met once, have plans to meet again in a few months and all in all, we haven't had any conflicts or arguments. The thing is though, soon he'll be starting a new job, that involves him going back to the office. And whilst I'm very happy and excited for him, I'm also very afraid that one day he'll just tell me he met someone new and doesn't want to continue the relantionship. And I really hate these it because it feels like they always pop up and I can't enjoy my time alone anymore since I'm so anxious.
People have told me that it's a "If it happens, it happens" type of situation, and I get it, I just wish there was a way to get rid of these thoughts.
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2021.10.28 05:30 motherh Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead

Trailer here:
This is a bit of a forgotten gem. Outstanding cast, great humour and some quirky world-building. Andy Garcia commands his leading role.
The concept of people videotaping their advice, thoughts and wishes before they die always resonated with me. Wonder why it is hardly ever brought up.
Anyway, mostly going down memory lane with this. Buckweats!
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2021.10.28 05:30 Affectionate_Look49 Indian Crypto Regulation Is Planned for February: Report

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2021.10.28 05:30 DrkCyd Pantera - By Demons Be Driven (Official Video) wow after all these years a new film clip

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2021.10.28 05:30 ThirstyHank What's brown and sticky?

A stick!
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2021.10.28 05:30 adurham356 I have all the Shrek films, one at a time ladies

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2021.10.28 05:30 johnrock001 What is Loli

What is Loli
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2021.10.28 05:30 jonnyair Frage: Deutsches Fernsehen & Mediatheken aus dem Ausland gucken (als Ausgewanderte)

Meine Eltern wollen demnächst ins Europäische Ausland ziehen, wollen aber nicht auf deutsches Fernsehen (Hauptsächlich ÖRR, aber auch ein wenig Private) verzichten. Eine Satelitenschüssel fällt leider raus (historisches Gebäude).
Der Internetanschluss wird wohl >100Mbit/s haben - also Streaming ist kein Problem - aber: Wie ist das mit Geoblocking?
Macht es Sinn für Live-TV sowas wie Zattoo zu holen, oder gibt's günstigere/bessere Anbieter, muss man zusätzlich noch einen VPN Anbieter (was empfiehlt sich da?) für die Mediatheken holen oder gibt's eine bessere Lösung?
Idealerweise möglichst Anwenderfreundlich (Einrichtung kann aber ruhig komplizierter sein, einen Router mit Tunnel als Gateway einrichten krieg ich schon hin, aber die Bedienung für meine Eltern sollte möglichst genau so sein wie aktuell - Satellit, also ne Fernbedienung und gut).

Ich würde mich über Erfahrungsberichte freuen.
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2021.10.28 05:30 bigblooshi Only 1k subs here?

Is the game really DOA as everyone is saying?
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2021.10.28 05:30 johnrock001 Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations

Sad Anime That Will Make You Cry - Sad Anime Recommendations -
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2021.10.28 05:30 Saxyman76 Ranking Roger Federer's tennis seasons (2000-2021)

Here is my ranking of Roger's tennis seasons (in my opinion). I have given each season a rating from F to S, however keep in mind that this is Roger Federer we are talking about, so all of these ratings are relative.
22. 2020 - Roger only played in one tournament this season, the Australian Open. Despite this, he made the semi-final, bowing out to the eventual winner Djokovic. He was shut out for the rest of the season due to Covid-19 concerns and surgery. Rating: F
21. 2021 - Roger's 2021 season consisted of 5 tournaments - Qatar, Geneva, Roland Garros, Halle and Wimbledon. His best result definitely came at Wimbledon, where he made the quarterfinal (becoming the oldest to do so at age 40). Unfortunately, Federer's season was also cut short by surgery, resulting in him not competing after Wimbledon. Rating: F
20. 2000 - This was Roger’s first impactful year on the tour. He competed in a total of 28 tournaments, however failed to win any and made 2 finals. Despite, this his consistency gave him a 55% win rate, and beat 3 top 10 players. He also finished 4th in the Olympics, and made the 4th round of the French Open. Rating: F
19. 2016 - The injury season. Roger didn’t play for half of the season, due to a knee injury. Despite this, he still managed to make the semifinals of AO and Wimbledon, and made the finals of Brisbane International. Overall, Roger failed to pick up a title, and his win rate was 75%, meaning that this season was one of his weaker ones. Rating: F
18. 2001 - Roger won his first ATP title (250 Milan) this season, as well as making 2 more finals. He got his best result in a grand slam so far, making the QFs of the French Open and Wimbledon. His win rate for this season was considerably higher, with a 70% win rate. Notably, he upset world number 6 Pete Sampras at Wimbledon in the 4th round. Rating: F
17. 2013 - Another injury season. While Roger played throughout the whole season, a back injury meant that his form was significantly hampered. His best result in the slams was an AO semifinal, as he failed to get further than the QF in any other slam. Throughout the year he won just one tournament (250) and made 2 finals (1 M1000 and 1 500). His 73% win rate was not exceptional, but he did manage to beat 4 top 10 players. Rating: D
16. 2002 - Federer’s first breakthrough. Federer’s performances in the Grand Slams were actually worse than the previous year (2 4th round appearances). However, his Masters title at Hamburg and his 3 total titles (1 M1000, 1 500, 1 250) makes up for this. At the Miami Open, he got his first win over a top ranked player (Lleyton Hewitt). He also accumulated 10 top 10 wins, and finished the year with a win rate of 71%. Rating: D
15. 2011 - A great clay season. While many remember Djokovic for the 2011 season, it would be a disservice to Roger to suggest that his season was unsuccessful. He made at least the QFs in every slam, an achievement he’s only done in 8 seasons. Additionally, he made the FO final, beating peak Djokovic in the semis. Federer won 4 titles this season (1 M1000, 1 500, 1 250, 1 WTF), including a surprise Tour Finals win over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (denying favourite Djokovic the title). His match win rate was a very respectable 84%, and he beat 10 top 10 players throughout the year. Rating: D
14. 2019 - A year of ‘almosts’. Roger Federer’s 2019 season could have been even greater, however despite some squandered match points, he still managed to compete well. In the Slams, he got varying results, from 4R to a finals appearance (at Wimbledon). His semi-final appearance at the French Open represented a very respectable run on clay. Federer also won his 28th Masters Title, at Miami Open. In total, Federer picked up 4 titles (1 M1000, 3 500s), and reached 2 more finals (1 GS, 1 M1000). He ended the season with an 84% win rate, which included 7 wins over top 10 players. Rating: C
13. 2014 - Comeback #1. After a poor 2013 season, an appointment of Stefan Edberg as co-coach with Severen Luthi seemed to be the catalyst to a Fed resurgence. He made 3 slam semi finals and 1 final (Wimbledon), a considerably better performance than the previous year. He won 5 tournaments (2 M1000s, 2 500s, 1 250), in addition to leading the Swiss team to their first ever Davis Cup victory. In the masters 1000s, he made a total of 5 finals, the highest in his career. He also made the final of the tour finals, however withdrew due to injury. He beat 1 top ranked player (Novak Djokovic) and 17 top 10 players, finishing with a very solid win rate of 86% (the highest in the list so far). Rating: C
12. 2015 - The finals season. Federer had a respectable run in the slams, making 2 finals (wimbledon and uso). Unfortunately for him, this season was dominated by Djokovic, so Federer would have to settle for runner up on many occasion. He did manage to win the Cincinnati Masters, and 6 total titles (1 M1000, 3 500s, 2 250s). However, he also made 2 more Masters finals and the final of the Year End Championship. He finished the season with a solid win rate of 85%, which included 3 wins of the man of the year, Djokovic. He also took down 15 top 10 players throughout the season, including the likes of Nadal and Murray. He finished the season world number 3, which makes this season the best non-slam season of his life. Rating: C
11. 2008 - The loser of the greatest match of all time. Roger Federer’s 2008 season was extremely consistent, however Nadal’s level this year was ridiculous. In the Grand Slams, Federer completed a very impressive achievement of making the semi-final of every grand slam, and three finals. He has only done this on 4 occasions in his entire career. In the final of Wimbledon, Federer and Nadal had an absolute slugfest, where either player was completely deserving of the win. So despite only winning one grand slam, Federer was inches away from winning a second. Federer won 4 titles in the season (1 GS, 3 250s) and made 8 finals. Additionally, Federer only ever lost to Nadal in finals. Federer picked up 7 wins over top 10 players. He picked up a reasonable win rate of 81%. Rating: C
10. 2018 - The 20th slam season. In the slams, Federer started strongly with a win at AO. After intentionally missing Roland Garros, Federer bowed out in the QF of Wimbledon and the 4th Round of USO. In Masters 1000s, Federer failed to win any titles, however he made 2 finals and 4 semifinals overall. He picked up 4 titles (1 GS, 2 500s, 1 250). His year ended with an 83% win rate, which involved beating 5 top 10 players. Rating: B
9. 2003 - The inaugural grand slam season. 2003 saw a solid improvement in Federer’s game from 2002. He won his first grand slam (Wimbledon, although you already knew that), and made 9 ATP tour finals, winning 7 of them (1 GS, 2 500s, 3 250s, 1 YEC). He also won the Year End Championship for the first time, beating world number 1 Andy Roddick en route to the final. Federer claimed 9 wins over top 10 players, ending the season with a win rate of 82%. Rating: A
8. 2010 - Federer’s 2010 season followed saw a dip in consistency in the middle of the year (summer hard court, clay court), however overall, he had an notable presence on the tour. He won the Australian Open, and made at least the QF of all of the other slams. He won 5 titles (1 GS, 1 M100, 1 500, 1 250, 1 YEC), interestingly at each level of the tour. This included a Year End Championship title which involved beating world number 1 Rafa Nadal. Federer picked up 16 wins over top 10 players, an ended the year with a decent win rate of 83%. Rating: B
7. 2012 - A surge season. Roger’s performance in the slams was the strongest in the list so far, with a win in Wimbledon, 3 SF appearances and 4 quarterfinal appearances. He also played in 10 finals, winning 6 of them (1 GS, 3 M1000s, 2 500s). He finished the year with a win rate of 86%, which involved beating 16 top 10 players, including world number 1 Djokovic. Rating: A
6. 2017 - The biggest comeback of his career. Federer’s 2017 season was incredible, as it marked a total resurgence after the injury plagued 2016 season. He only competed in 3 slams (skipped RG), winning 2 of them (AO, WIM) and making a 3rd QF. He won 7 titles (2 GS, 3 M1000s, 2 500s), and competed in 8 finals (losing in the Canadian Open to Zverev). He finished the season with an incredible win rate of 92%, the 4th highest in his career. Federer took down 14 top 10 players, including world number 1 Rafael Nadal. Rating: A
5. 2009 - The channel slam. One of Federer’s greatest achievements was finally reached this year, as he won the French Open to complete the career grand slam (one of each grand slam titles). After losing to Nadal in 3 consecutive Roland Garros finals leading up to this, it must have been a huge relief for Federer to hear that Robin Soderling upset Nadal in the 2nd round. Federer had an unbelievable run in the slams this season, making all 4 finals (only one of 5 men to do this in the open era), and winning 2 of them (RG, WIM). He won 4 titles (2 GS, 2 M1000s), and made 3 more finals. Federer accumulated a reasonable win rate of 84%, but he managed to take down 15 top 10 players, including world number 1 Rafael Nadal (to finish year end number 1 for the fifth time in his career). Rating: A
4. 2005 - The beast season. Federer had an exceptional 2005 season, making all 4 grand slam semifinals, and going on to win 2 of them (WIM, USO). Additionally, Federer won a whopping 4 Masters 1000 titles, and an incredible 11 titles overall (2 GS, 4 M1000s, 2 500s, 3 250s). He finished the season with a mouthwatering 95% win rate, the joint highest of his career (one of the highest out of any players season ever). Federer took down 15 top 10 players, and beat world number 2 Lleyton Hewitt twice, finishing world number 1. Rating: S
3. 2007 - The hardcourt season. Roger’s performances in the slams this season were the joint-greatest in his career. He won 3 slams, and made the final of Roland Garros, losing to Nadal. He won the Year End Championship for the 4th time, as well as 2 Masters (making a total of 5 Masters finals). Overall, his title count was 8 (3 GS, 1 YEC, 2 M1000s, 1 500, 1 250). Federer had a win rate of 88%, but 4 of his 9 losses that season came in finals. Roger beat 17 top 10 players, including world number 2 Rafa Nadal 3 times. Rating: S
2. 2004 - The season that introduced the world to Roger Federer. This was the first of Federer's three slam seasons (AO, WIM, USO), with his only defeat coming at the 3rd round of the French Open. Federer also won 3 Masters, and the Year end Championship, to take his total title tally to 11! (3 GS, 1 YEC, 3 M1000s, 1 500, 3 250s). Federer put together a ridiculous win rate of 93%, have lost just 6 matches in the entire year. He finished comfortably as world number 1, having defeated 18 top 10 players, including world number 2 Andy Roddick 3 times. Rating: S
1. 2006 - The greatest season of all time (in my opinion). Roger's 2006 tennis season was nearly perfect. In the grand slams, he won 3 and made the final of the French Open for the first time, losing to Nadal in 4 sets. Federer won 4 Masters titles, making another 2 finals, and brought home the Year End Championship. His total title count for this season was a tremendous 12 titles, with a ludicrous 16 finals! Of course, the statistic that stands far and above the rest is Roger's insane win-loss ratio: 92-5 (95% win rate). Of these 5 losses, 4 came at the hands of Nadal (3 of those being in clay finals). The only tournament that Roger failed to make the final of was the Cincinnati Masters, where he lost to an inspired Andy Murray in two close sets. There is really no way I can truly wrap my head around this season, Federer was easily the best grass and hard court player, and dominated the clay courts, losing only to the greatest clay courter ever. Rating: S
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2021.10.28 05:30 ron-ron-ron-ron-ron me and some friends were up in utah a couple months ago and we stopped to take some pictures

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2021.10.28 05:30 BenDadkiller Which Dune cast member do you think gave the best performance?

View Poll
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2021.10.28 05:30 hetmantom Jaki wybrać przedłużacz – listwę zasilającą | ToTemat

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2021.10.28 05:30 Capable-Device-8881 Autumn

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2021.10.28 05:30 mewanideepak Not 1 or 2, But Thousands Of Students Feedback On Source Hacker Course - Check Here

Well, these are the number of feedback we got from our students about our Source Hacker Course. Please check all the reviews here:

#sourcehackercourse #peterszabo #studentreview #sourcehackerreview #sourcehackercoursereview #personalgrowth #onlineearning
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2021.10.28 05:30 Choice-Dish-4372 Golden chest, or solid golden chest? (Answer: In the comment section)

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2021.10.28 05:30 johnrock001 Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List

Best Hot And Sexy Anime To Watch - Top Sexy Anime List -
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2021.10.28 05:30 CardNapper13 Aspiring LGS, is it bad form to put a "business card" in repacks for kids on Halloween?

I'm co-hosting an event where we will have candy for Trick or Treaters, and we want to have something for those who can't have candy, or just don't want it. Have some bulk-ish Pokémon and Magic, so figured make some decent repacks and hand them out. I just tend to over think ideas like this and feel like it's not weird and my anxiety is nipping at me. Thoughts?
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2021.10.28 05:30 Bigbus_18 Is it worth selling de Jong and buying nkunu for a box to box cm?

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2021.10.28 05:30 Livid_Lie_4393 share your most memorable moment you had whilst stoned!

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2021.10.28 05:30 bozsoki93 Loopring GME partnership?

Loopring’s public GitHub repository has leaked code confirming GameStop’s highly speculated partnership with the Layer 2 protocol. Loopring has disclosed a Q4 2021 launch and the partnership is keen on disrupting the $150B gaming industry.
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2021.10.28 05:30 app_toro Morning autumn view from our team building - sunny but cold 🍁

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2021.10.28 05:30 jakekealoha Can someone tell me why my gas fees are so high or am I just too broke to be trading crypto and this is normal ?

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