Lola is a little goofy

2021.10.28 05:49 whoknows211 Lola is a little goofy

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2021.10.28 05:49 Character_Medical Santa had to do it.

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2021.10.28 05:49 mxosborn If it were possible to forge a solid sword as thick as an atom of helium, that sword would likely do no damage to anything, passing through things intangibly.

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2021.10.28 05:49 JCedru Where can I check the new ratings?

I cant find :P
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2021.10.28 05:49 helloworddd Comprehensive security system in AppGallery

During the annual Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) from 22-24 October 2021, Huawei experts introduced the comprehensive security system in AppGallery.
AppGallery has developed a comprehensive security assurance system that consists of developer real-name authentication, exclusive four-layer malicious App detection, download and installation assurance, and running protection. The system runs through the entire process of app development, release, download, installation, and running.
Developer Real-Name Authentication Ensures User Privacy & Security Huawei AppGallery prevents malicious applications that may infringe user privacy or steal user property. It filters out applications that may bring security risks to users and provides them with a secure application access experience.
Huawei AppGallery also implements developer real-name authentication. All on-premises developers must pass strict real-name authentication to filter out third-party apps whose sources are unknown and reduce application security risks.
Four-Layer Malicious App Detection System to Ensure User Privacy All AppGallery apps need to pass a quadruple safety test to be eligible for release. AppGallery protects against malicious apps that may infringe user privacy or steal user property. Through careful selection and strict testing, AppGallery rejects apps that may pose security risks to users, providing users with a secure app acquisition experience.
The first layer of the four-layer protection includes malicious behaviour detection which focuses on detecting viruses, Trojan horses, malicious fee deduction, and malicious traffic consumption. To handle large numbers of app release requests, AppGallery uses SecDroid, a cloud-based automatic scanning platform that works with multiple well-known antivirus engines in the industry to detect viruses across Android packages (APKs). In addition, SecDroid uses sandbox-based dynamic execution technology and static feature analysis technology to detect and analyse sensitive behaviour, such as malicious billing, excessive traffic consumption, and malicious tampering of personal information.
The second layer is security vulnerability scanning, which combines dynamic and static scanning for security vulnerabilities, greatly reducing the probability of vulnerabilities or backdoors in apps. The scan covers tens of analysis and detection aspects, including the security of components and data, excessive traffic consumption, insecure command execution, analysis of APKs for potential vulnerabilities, and more.
The third layer is the privacy breach inspection, which aims to prevent apps from invoking, collecting, transmitting, or using sensitive user data, such as the address book and photo library, without users' authorisation or disregarding existing legal grounds. Both static and dynamic privacy analysis covers security vulnerabilities such as detection of corruption and breach points, identifying common issues such as key leakage, dangerous functions, and insecure algorithms. Filter criteria (such as suffix and type) are then set for refined control over scanned objects to determine the exact match locations and contexts as well as highlight the matched contents.
The final and fourth check passes through the manual recheck phase, in which a dedicated security team tests the apps in real-world scenarios to ensure compatibility, safety, as well as reliability to ensure users have the best app experience before it is released on AppGallery.
Download and Installation Assurance AppGallery protects against malicious apps that may infringe user privacy or steal user property. Through careful selection and strict testing, AppGallery rejects apps that may pose security risks to users, providing users with a secure app acquisition experience.
Integrity check: The SHA256 information digest algorithm is used to verify the integrity of an app installation package by checking the consistency between the digest value of the uploaded installation package and of the downloaded installation package. App installation packages that are uploaded in blocks are verified in real time during download. An app installation package that is uploaded as a whole is verified after download.
Signature verification: Only apps with complete developer signatures can be installed in EMUI. App signatures can be used to verify the integrity and legitimacy of the source of apps. The system verifies the signature of an app to check whether it has been tampered with before installing the app. Apps that fail this verification cannot be installed. The system also verifies app signatures before updating pre-installed or user-installed apps. Such an app can only be updated when the signature of the updated version is the same as the existing signature. This prevents malicious apps from replacing existing verified ones through updates.
Threat detection: Security risks may exist in apps due to unknown third parties, and downloading apps from unverified sources may bring with them malicious security threats. It is recommended that default security settings be retained to prevent unnecessary risks. EMUI has an industry-leading built-in antivirus engine, which is used to detect viruses in user-installed apps. The system supports local and online virus scanning and removal, to ensure that app risks are identified regardless of whether user devices are connected to the Internet. The antivirus engine can scan viruses during app installation and in the backend. Once a virus is detected, a risk warning is displayed, prompting users to handle the virus.
AI security defense: EMUI provides a hardware-based AI computing platform for device security protection. It has a built-in industry-leading AI antivirus engine encompassing a security defense-oriented AI model that is built upon deep learning and training. EMUI observes the behaviour of unknown app software in real time to identify new viruses, new variants of existing viruses, and dynamic loading of malicious programs, and runs the AI model on devices to analyze the activity sequence of unknown software. This quickly and effectively detects threats and improves app threat detection capabilities. Once a malicious app is detected using AI security defense, the system will immediately generate a warning to prompt the user to handle the app. (This function is available only for certain chip models.)
Download and Installation Assurance
App sandbox: EMUI provides an app sandbox mechanism which enables all apps to run in isolation within the sandbox to ensure runtime security. When an app is installed, the system allocates a private storage directory to the app, which cannot be accessed by other apps, ensuring static data security. The sandbox isolation technology protects the system and apps against attacks from malicious apps. The system allocates a unique user identity (UID) to each app and builds an app sandbox based on UIDs. The sandbox provides multiple kernel access control mechanisms, such as discretionary access control (DAC) and mandatory access control (MAC), to restrict apps from accessing files and resources outside the sandbox. By default, all apps are sandboxed. To access information outside the sandbox, an app needs to use services provided by the system or exposed interfaces of other apps and obtain the required permissions, without which the system will deny access to apps. Apps with the same signature can share a UID, and share code and data in the same sandbox.
Runtime memory protection: Malicious apps usually obtain memory addresses by viewing the memory if the allocated memory addresses are relatively fixed during app operation. EMUI provides ASLR and data execution prevention (DEP) to prevent attackers from exploiting memory vulnerabilities.
Regular app retest: Security scans and retests are performed on released apps every month to identify and remove apps with security issues. The security operation team periodically updates the sensitive word library, with a focus on hot events, and handles apps that control malicious behavior through developers' cloud environment.
Universal supervision: Users can report apps with security issues through HUAWEI AppGallery, contacting customer service or other channels. HUAWEI AppGallery staff will handle such apps promptly after verification.
For more information, please visit You may also read the latest HMS Security Technical White Paper here.
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2021.10.28 05:49 LimeCanary Funeral Bell, Galerina Marginata. Deadly poisonous

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2021.10.28 05:49 admelioraphotography Brahminy Kite

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2021.10.28 05:49 frog_666_ loner stuff

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2021.10.28 05:49 Hooded_enigma Does Yale contact previous employers for verification?

Hey guys! I'm planning on applying for the Master's program in Graphic Design at Yale. I just wanted to know whether Yale contacts our previous employers to verify employment experience. I left my last job on a sour note and I'm pretty sure they won't respond positively if they get a call asking about me. Thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.28 05:49 ezis112 [EU] LVL9 AWP/Agro Rifle LFT


Name: Kevin / De1Co ;
Steam: ;
Role(s): Flexible to any role. Preferably AWP/2nd AWP ;
Age: 21;
Country: Latvia ;
Hours: 3.1k ;
Faceit Level: 9 ;
ESEA Rank: N/A ;
MM Rank: SMFC ;
Team Experience: Decent team experience. Mostly played in teams who do loads of scrims. Played in couple tournaments, most recent is 99Damage and ESEA Open ;
Availability: Most workday evenings ;
Goals: Make good chemistry with teammates, grow as a teammate, improve my own skill and help build and establish the team ;

DM me for more info discord - De1Co#1088
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2021.10.28 05:49 matiasarezo9 @xskystarrsx

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2021.10.28 05:49 Dany742 galaxy tab s7 screen bending inside

i just got my tablet and i noticed the screen bends a little bit inside when im writing on it is this supposed to be like that?
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2021.10.28 05:49 AlexRD19 Any post about Doodie LO will be deleted

We have a fixed thread for a reason, there is no need to spam the sub with 60 posts. If it's an update it won't be removed.
Fixed Thread:
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2021.10.28 05:49 lone_wolf_55 Oh no, it's happening.

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2021.10.28 05:49 Jchac-7 M19 rate me from 1-10

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2021.10.28 05:49 fuckingcringeman Why Is This True?

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2021.10.28 05:49 Professional-Rub8423 Is neediness and clingy the same or different?

Also, if you miss someone a lot does it mean that you are needy?
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2021.10.28 05:49 Melody-Circus Done! The game turned out to be a lot better than I thought, it's been a long time since I actually played one all the way through right away.

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2021.10.28 05:49 Natalie-Joshua2 This Dunk tongue is presented with "NIKE OFF" embroidered words🥰🥰, and the orange label of OFF-WHITE is also kept inside🔥🔥.SP batch 36-46

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2021.10.28 05:49 Erazor911 Weekly Tournament games ending 25th October 2021

Resetting back to Monday deadline for matches here. Meta Plays Monthly 5 was played this last weekend but once again twitch live streams vods weren't saved. I can see wanting to put out the best product you can with cool editing but it sucks for the fans who were asleep during the live cast(me). Especially when can take weeks for them to appear on the youtube in edited form. Surely a few days of leaving the vods up wouldn't hurt guys? That said there are plenty of other good matches to be seen this week below, so enjoy those. I have recs on my discord along with stream links sooner and some upcoming live stream times when I can get the info:
EE: A4G AoM League Season 2 - Challenger
Group stages Group A - Bo3 adiagango v Sgolteo - Round 3, Match 5 maiden and DarthRevan recs cast
Ehetleos v Dreadsword - Round 3, Match 6 maiden and DarthRevan recs cast
adiagango v Ehetleos - Round 2, Match 4 maiden and DarthRevan recs cast
Group stages Group B - Bo3 Bebinhio v Marmeletos - Round 2, Match 3 maiden and DarthRevan recs cast
Deathmatch League Season 2 #3
Bo3 Jedi(AltCtrl) v Mito - Round 2, Match 4 WesternLong live cast
Ardeshir v WesternLong - Round 1, Match 1 Ardeshir pov
Meta Plays Monthly #5
Round 1 - Bo1 Ardeshir v JoeyBadz - Match 2 Ardeshir pov
Round 2 - Bo3 Kimo v Tigerboss - Match 4 Calamity Jane live cast
NyanRacingCat v acthegreat - Match 5 Nyan pov
Round 3 - Bo3 HUSKSUPPE v Hagrit - Match 15 Suppe pov
Note: Semifinals and Finals vods were streamed live but deleted or not saved by admins.
EE: Light Yagami Showmatch: EhNOiRSE v Gun PT/Brazil cast - Bo3 Yagami live cast
Boit's Magic v Mista Showmatch $300 - Bo5 Boit recs cast Note: played the week before but recs streamed a week later?
Vanilla: AoL Destroyers Summer 2021 Showmatches 30 euro - Bo7 Berserker v Shadowfax BA live cast Note - Players decided on Best of 7 at the last minute
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2021.10.28 05:49 lssqa_dev_3 LssTest-MediaGalleryPost-33391

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2021.10.28 05:49 sendeet Return my 6900XT?

Honestly really new to the custom PC world. Walked into a store just to browse, didn’t think there would be any video cards. There were a handful of these guys in stock, everything else was out. Bought it for $1600 after tax. There’s a 15 day return policy.
I just want to play games for the next few years, I’m pretty casual. Is it worth it for someone like me to build around the card? Or should I wait for something like a 3070 or 6600?
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2021.10.28 05:49 Cadejo123 Nicehash to binance time?

I just make my first withdrawal to binace I and is Ben like 2h since and the cryptos don't appear in my binance account... I shut Wana ask if that's normal dose it take some time ? Thanks and sor3 for my inglish
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2021.10.28 05:49 SSMStudio SWOLA #64

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