[USA-FL] [H] White Xbox One S 500 GB with Controller [W] Xbox One X Console, Local Cash, Paypal

[USA-MA][H] Dell G7 Gaming Laptop [W] PayPal/local cash Up for sale is a Dell G7 gaming laptop with the following specs: Intel Core i7 8750H Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 with Max-Q 16GB RAM 1TB storage - One 500gb SSD and a 500gb m2 SSD

2021.12.04 17:38 Tertty [USA-FL] [H] White Xbox One S 500 GB with Controller [W] Xbox One X Console, Local Cash, Paypal

Hey all and happy holidays!
Hoping to sell my Xbox One S to someone who needs/wants it this holiday. Runs great, zero issues, light to moderate use with the usual cosmetic marks that come with use.
Looking to get some cash to do a small jump to the Xbox One X as I barely play enough to justify the next gen Xbox.
$175 local, $200 shipped. Price is absolutely negotiable. If you have an Xbox One X to offer or have intel on one, willing to pay you the difference for a swap.
Please send a Reddit message for inquiries thanks and stay safe this season!
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2021.12.04 17:38 Bdog750 H: legacy’s W: legacy offers or a van ap wwr combat armor set

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2021.12.04 17:38 Hufflepuffzd96 Tattoo mod

Hi, I'm looking for a tattoo mod that allows more than one tattoo in the same area like in Sims 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2021.12.04 17:38 Lobsterbib My partner was paid $9/hr at a senior care facility that told her to think of what would happen to the old people if she quit and I can't get over how fucked up that is.

So many jobs in America are just straight up hostage situations that exploit our compassion for each other and it needs to fucking stop.
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2021.12.04 17:38 needhope1985 Life ruined by antidepressant

Well here it goes, I was prescribed a cocktail of drugs over 8 years ago by a pyschiatrist prior to any diagnosis and then discharged. Later on I was diagnosed with ocd which I got treated successfully and then went on to study and get a job.
Unknown to me I experienced side effects of the medication over the years but never attributed it to the meds, I managed to come off two of the meds which I cold turkeyed but as I was still on the ssri I didn't experience particularly severe or noticeable withdrawal symptoms and carried on.
During this period I was not able to hold down a job in software development, but finally after years of failing from extreme anxiety which I now know was down to the meds I manged to get a good job and progress in the role. I did this despite severe tinnitus from the med and cognitive dysfunction I was doing OK.
Fast forward to last year I spoke to two docs who gave me the OK to come off the med and gave no warning or any tapering advice. So I started tapering in 50% increments and was doing OK, I met a girl and ended up stupidly getting involved with scientology during my taper. I thought it was fate how I was coming off of my meds and found an organisation that was helping people come off meds. I had no idea about them prior to going there but I did a few courses met a nice girl and things were going well.
I was feeling happy and came off the final dose of my med and this is where shit hit the fan I ended up going into withdrawal experiencing sexual dysfunction and having just started a relationship I was getting really worried bear in mind lockdown had just started so I was working from home and couldn't see a doctor.
I then went into a panic and called the doctors who told me conflicting advice and I decided to go through the withdrawal thinking it would end in3 months like one of the doctors said. What a mistake. Relationship ended and I ended up in a scientology rehab when I tried to reinstate after 5 months which made me manic and sent me into akathisia so I thought it would be a good idea to go here.
Big mistake I experienced horrific treatment and the most intense suffering in the facility and I was finally discharged in a complete state it sleeping, having panic attacks nearly dying. Not being able to work, I eventually after 5 months off work tried working where I was still not able but trued until bring signed off again 2 weeks ago for 6 weeks my work are being very supportive but I'm still unwell avd healing I don't want to further ruin my life but I feel like i need to leave there I don't want to abuse there kindness as I still don't feel ill be able to peform when I go back or ill have to take more time off. What the hell do I do, I hate pyschiatry and the doctors for ruining me, but I still want a future when I'm well.
Sorry for the long post but I've not been able to write the whole story before like this it's kinda therapeutic.
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2021.12.04 17:38 gurds91 Never had a gf at 30 yrs old, male

I am 30 years old now and have struggled with relationships all my life and have never had a girlfriend. However I have slept with an army of hookers from all over the world over the last 12 years, all the sex I have had has come from hookers.
However I feel extremely empty and depressed as I long for a meaningful long term relationship with a hot latina but have never been able to find one and don't know how to go about it. I have had many suicidal thoughts over the years regarding never having had a girlfriend and have cried by myself many times, a few times I was very close to committing suicide.
I am very muscular and in great shape as I have been lifting weights for the last 12-13 yrs consistently (since I was 17 yrs old). I can speak multiple languages as well which I learnt myself like spanish and portuguese. I had a marketing job a couple years ago which I hated and I left this job to pursue a career as a professional gambler. For the first couple yrs doing this I was making lot more money than I did in my marketing job but it was very tough, taking massive risks all the time and living on the edge. Plus it was a very lonely lifestyle with no interaction with people which alienated and isolated me even more from society.
Ever since covid things have been very difficult with this path and I regret why I even ventured on this path in the first place. My aim was to become a multi millionaire from this but it has only made me very depressed and alienated me from society over time.
I have started a new business building a content based website and aiming to monetise traffic via affiliate marketing, however this will take a while for me to get going fully. I have made good progress though.
I also have been learning more about stock market investing and learnt from reading books by Mohnish Pabrai and Joel Greenblatt. Greenblatt has a "magic formula" which is a way of indexing that is superior long term to the returns you would get from a standard S&P 500 index fund. So I have been taking steps to keep learning and to try to improve.
I have never been keen on the idea of a normal job and I never understand why society and people are so happy to have a "normal job" when the truth is you can never have freedom from working for money in a job and you don't have proper security either. The richest people on the planet are all entrepreneurs e.g. Bezos, Musk, etc.
All my life I have basically gone against what normal people do, but in the realm of relationships it has served to alienate me from society and I have become incredibly lonely and isolated. Sometimes I wish I did the things normal people do and then I could experience relationships, what has held me back is I haven't achieved the success financially yet that I was looking for and this is holding me back from relationships. I always felt that I needed to be a multi millionaire before trying to get a relationship but this is still a long way away, I really can't take any more loneliness in my life.
I have suffered for too many years all alone and it has made me suicidal and deeply depressed and unhappy. I long for a deep long lasting love with an attractive girl that I choose and share special moments together but I am getting older at 30 now, and I am scared and sad that it may never happen for me.
I see other men with women and it makes me very angry, especially as I deem a lot of these men to be inferior to me, e.g. some of them are fat and out of shape, others are skinny with no muscle. I believe I am a special man that is smart, very brave and not afraid to take massive risks financially. Just in the realm of relationships I have no idea what to do and I don't feel I am good enough yet to get into one as I am still not where I want to be financially.
All this makes me deeply unhappy, I have similar traits to Elliot Rodgers in that I am narcissistic, and also misogynistic and misogyny can also cause you to become racist . E.g when I see black guys with white girls it makes me very mad as I don't feel they deserve them. I believe that I deserve the sexiest women and my preferred women are sexy latinas. I can speak spanish and portuguese which I learnt all by myself on the internet and am pretty fluent now after having learnt these for the last few yrs. I don't like the fact that men have to grovel and degrade themselves by talking to women in order to start the process of dating and that women do nothing in this regard. I actually think rapists are the most alpha people of all as they get whatever they want for free just through sheer power and force, which is very masculine. Pick up and all this in my view serves to degrade men and causes women to see men as their slaves. Men are superior to women. This is what I believe. I guess what I really want is to have a really sexy woman that I can have sex with every night for the whole night and be left alone the rest of the time. This is the ideal scenario that I secretly believe all men want, but in society it seems an impossible task to achieve this. The only way you could is to become filthy rich and then become a sugar daddy and date a sugar baby. But again becoming filthy rich takes many years and I have already suffered from too much loneliness for the last 12 years, I just can't bare any more.
I just need help as I am in danger of doing dangerous things and causing harm to myself or others even. A man can't take this many years of loneliness without ever having had a girlfriend , even if I have slept with lots of sexy hookers it does nothing to take away the pain. I want to be loved by a woman and love them back,
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2021.12.04 17:38 ImNoTlIkEoThErGiRl2 I drew this inspired by one of jack’s among us videos

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2021.12.04 17:38 Shi_Feng H:Q2515c fixer W:offers

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2021.12.04 17:38 SpySt Reshiram 8343 0148 3186

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2021.12.04 17:38 Aegis616 What size booster pads should i buy?

I am a 5ft 8in male with a 36in waist. My diapers are larges and mediums. What size boosters should I get?
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2021.12.04 17:38 ItsFrank25 Yeah It’s only 30cm shorter

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2021.12.04 17:38 johnmusacha Does the stock market accelerate the “squeeze” or does it help them?

Seems like any significant tumble would cause the investors to start wanting to liquidate their holdings for their clients but at the same time force us to sell who have lost hope or can’t take profits. So, when and where do we see this going?
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2021.12.04 17:38 onborrowedtime9 H:Ultra Cali Shocks ,High cap plan,Bear arm and heavy mod,Stim Diffuser W:Best cap offer per

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2021.12.04 17:38 hedwigpp--9243 Ros es una mala persona...

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2021.12.04 17:38 bearlover899 Anatomy class

Should I take Anatomy in person? My school offers online and hybrid with in person lab.
Thank you for your advice 😊
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2021.12.04 17:38 NoButterscotch2773 New to Plex, Offline (LAN Only) Solution to Streaming easily across devices needed

Before i jumped into buying a Synology NAS for Plex I wanted to test the feasbility off my Windows 10 laptop in a house with no internet aside from my cell phone which i sometimes hospot for downloads (i.e. plex media server).
Current setup:
Orbi Wifi Mesh 6 LAN (No internet access) Windows 10 Laptop running Plex Media Server 1 ROKU TV w/ Plex App Installed 1 SAMSUNG FRAME TV w/ Plex App Installed
Figured this would be a nice and easy setup/deploy but fudge me - I never thought I would waste so much time just trying to get TVs to play shows.
Win 10 Plex Media Server: For starters, I setup the Media Server while the laptop was tethered to my cell hot spot. Signed up/created my plex account via google account and added a few folders that contain some movies to a library. Setup the network connections to allow unauthorized connections from local ip/subnet "".
Assigned this machine a static ip on the Orbi router of and specified this address also about the unauthorized connection box in the Network settings of Plex Media Server.
ROKU: Rokus need to be tricked into retaining a network SSID and connecting to it (if that connection is not one that provides internet) - and the only way to do this is to ensure when u set them up, they have internet access available. So I shutdown the LAN, created a mobile hotspot via my phone with the same SSID and password and the Roku connected. Then I could revert back to the Orbi LAN and turn off my hotspot.
Setup a manual server address of
SAMSUNG TV: Tried to do the same as the ROKU above.
Where I stand now:
The roku plays SOME shows, when I open the app, it defaults to some Offline account which is great, I can see the server and SOME not all shows play back. Why the other ones dont I havent got this far yet.
The Samsung Frame TV is useless, it doesnt see the server, it defaults to the gmail login account no mention of offline and basically does nothing. Aside from fail to access or load the movies. At one point it did connect but watching any show gave some error about "error loading media to play queue".
There has to be an easier way? Id even scrap the plex route - if someone has a better idea of how i can achieve pulling videos from a central location in a house like mine without internet to multiple devices over a lan let me know. I dont have the time to tinker between family and work.
Anyone have any tips?
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2021.12.04 17:38 strawberry_tail i found an old picture i did of comfort sashley, idk what to think .-.

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2021.12.04 17:38 newsdk Under første nedlukning brugte skoleleder mest tid på de tosprogedes forældre. Nu gælder det bekymringer fra de ressourcestærke

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2021.12.04 17:38 newsdk Skudangreb mod bus koster 31 civile livet i ustabile Mali

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2021.12.04 17:38 AnajTheAdventurer New Disney Vlog

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2021.12.04 17:38 TX_Overkill I'm begin inspiration to get back in shape post divorce. Any help is welcome

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2021.12.04 17:38 NotSawney Heheheh :^)

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2021.12.04 17:38 newsdk DF-hovedbestyrelsesmedlem udfordrer Messerschmidt i formandsvalg

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2021.12.04 17:38 Greedfall2 Guido Burgstaller POV:

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2021.12.04 17:38 vkm00b Aww yea!! Stay tuned. IYKYK

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