tis33 6y4sh 32rsy 7f8e3 ibtfh iytt5 eadz4 5rkt8 yhy94 e68ba zndey kre68 9a9bz 37ban 9y2ty n3ni4 r8etb 36s73 r63n8 ib5nd fk277 🔥SabreCat | Anti-bot System | The new MEME token in BSC world | Huge Marketing Planned🔥 |

🔥SabreCat | Anti-bot System | The new MEME token in BSC world | Huge Marketing Planned🔥

2021.12.04 16:19 BSCSabreCat 🔥SabreCat | Anti-bot System | The new MEME token in BSC world | Huge Marketing Planned🔥

⚡️ SABRE ⚡️
🚀Presale now line on PinkSale🚀
12% TAX
5% BUSD rewards for holders
4% Liquidity
3% Marketing
🐋 Anti Bot launch!!!!
⚡️ Team Active on Twitter and Reddit
SABRE was created for the people with the goal to create wealth for all holders through both BUSD rewards and long-term growth. Opportunities to get in this early are rare so don't miss out and head over to our pre-sale to book your ticket for the next moon shot!!!!!
Head over to our website and the presale for more details……………………..
Contract Address: 0xa363D498d69202ddAf562FBa0d79C074610C04E9
Links :
Pinksale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x8BaA43DC304bcbfAFd49A373526A34B98F44AdFC?chain=BSC
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSCSabreCat
Website: https://www.sabrecattoken.com
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2021.12.04 16:19 wizzaboi Clearing ties on bottom

I have started my season 0-3 my biggest weakness so far has been clearing ties in bottom. Outside of practice what could I do to improve at clearing ties. Thanks
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2021.12.04 16:19 CopacabanaBeach Is there something like Game Maker or VoxEdit to edit with code instead of GUI?

For example:
if I want to create a calculator, do I have access to the codes to do the logical part and not just the visual?
Sorry for my English. It's not my default language.
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2021.12.04 16:19 westernsouls Starting aviation club

If I started an aviation club, would anyone on here wanna join? I need 10 members to officially apply as a club. Message me or comment! Would love to get it going asap
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2021.12.04 16:19 Kingknick Instead of trying to trade for Dame, can we get a real SF instead of playing SGs at SF?

What are the chances we could swing a Covington/H.Barnes/Grant trade? Those are all guys on non contending teams who teams might look to flip. Except for Grant, I would think a single FRP and salary matching would be enough to get one of those trades done.
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2021.12.04 16:19 goblinteefs my snail walnut keeps hibernating? he’s a garden snail that my friend ‘rescued’ he lives in a reptile breeding tank that i keep between 65-70° degrees, he has a little dish of water and i keep his tank humid, i feed him puréed carrots and oats with cal mag powder, am i doing anything wrong?

my snail walnut keeps hibernating? he’s a garden snail that my friend ‘rescued’ he lives in a reptile breeding tank that i keep between 65-70° degrees, he has a little dish of water and i keep his tank humid, i feed him puréed carrots and oats with cal mag powder, am i doing anything wrong? submitted by goblinteefs to gardensnails [link] [comments]

2021.12.04 16:19 x_Yutu Cant redownload game from the eShop

Hi, so uhm I ran into a problem recently: I bought myself a Switch OLED, and moved all my games, data, etc. to my new console; so far so good. There’s only one game I’m simply not able to redownload at all, and when I tried to, it prompts me to purchase the game AGAIN. I even contacted the Nintendo Support, and all they said was sth like: „Well we’re sorry, that’s quite an unusual case.“
So, does anyone on here maybe know how to fix that?
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2021.12.04 16:19 AnnikaDeLaRose Happy Saturdate everyone ♥

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2021.12.04 16:19 HauntingHoliday4927 18M looking for a friend here on this sub!

hey! my hobbies are soccer, travel and reading. i can talk about virtually anything. i am a high energy texter and extrovert. my personality type is ENTJ. I am always in for a joke and am pretty jovial on the whole. My friends say im understanding and that i'm a patient listener. You can tell me all of your problems! I dont mind being long term friends to even maybe stumbling upon that someone special. Hmu!!!
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2021.12.04 16:19 IsaactheSloth Skullcandy Indy Evo not fitting properly...

I'm new to wireless earbuds, but not Skullcandy. So naturally when I bought the Indy Evo buds, I was expecting them to not be such a hassle. Out of the box they worked as intended; they paired to my phone, made noise, and I could call with them. Only problem is, I need to make constant adjustments because either a) the fit is too loose and they want to fall out of my head, or b) they create a suction and the experience is both uncomfortable and underwhelming... Anyone else experience this, and is there a way to fix it?
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2021.12.04 16:19 Internal_Ad_5018 Wie nu samen trekken 👻dokkiee.1

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2021.12.04 16:19 GilHockman Who else has this problem?

Who else has this problem?
What is the thing that most often stops you from finishing your tracks/plans/projects?
I've found that the only way to get better at finishing what you start is to do just that - finish what you start. Even if you are not 100% feeling it anymore. You learn to finish by finishing.
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2021.12.04 16:19 manvsmater Increased rewards...

I’ve seen a few posts (can’t find them now) about the difference in earnings. I just moved my antenna to a very temporary outside set up and the witnesses I am now getting are rewarding about 50% more than when it was inside. I am hitting the same hotspots as before and ‘sharing’ the witness with the same number of spots as well but I am making more. I don’t understand why.
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2021.12.04 16:19 SomeIrishFiend [Samuel Luckhurst] Cristiano Ronaldo with the #mufc squad tonight, despite coming off in midweek with a possible injury.

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2021.12.04 16:19 Ranaprime dexgem

📷 In particular in prototype construction, in This is undoubtedly the most excellent project on the market. Being part of this campaign that displays the assurance of success is an opportunity that brings favor to all who give time to participate. #dexgem #bsc📷 #crypto #bnb
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2021.12.04 16:19 The_Pantless_Warrior How long until Save The Children is kicking down his door?

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2021.12.04 16:19 God_of_Reality Casual 40.000 HP

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2021.12.04 16:19 baileymia Stream Ovrthnk [prod. tearstainedangel] by Cyber Slvt

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2021.12.04 16:19 PichuLovy [Walker] Goalie Adam Huska has been added to the NYR roster, per media site.

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2021.12.04 16:19 wbradleyjr1 Fauci: Father of Cancel Culture

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2021.12.04 16:19 PkSpam A friend of mine u/flex4711 made this!

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2021.12.04 16:19 SpaceLover1969 🌙 EasyMoon Inu ($EASY) | The Fastest Way To Wealth 💰 | BNB Dividends | Real Gem | Low Market Cap 🔥 | Fair Launched Today | Amazing & Experienced Dev Team 💥| Hodl Contest Happening Now! 🌙

📝 Contract Address: 0x226de8f2a9315fd6e9a71a90f1375a597a4d4bd1
EasyMoon Inu is just the easy choice! This token is rug proof and whale proof which provides a unique opportunity for our loyal holders to maximize their gains. You won’t have to worry about steep declines in price, and you can sleep worry free knowing that any money you put in can easily 100x or more! 🥇Hodl Contest🥇: Any wallet holding 500 million $EASY or more will be entered into a contest for 2 BNB. Winners will be chosen every week!
🌙 Overview of EASYnomics: 🌙 ✅ TOTAL SUPPLY : 100,000,000,000
✅ Just hold $EASY to earn BNB!
✅ 100% of liquidity locked
✅ Marketing: 5%
✅ Token Type: BEP-20 (BSC)
✅ DEX: PancakeSwap 🥞
✅ Community driven
✅ Anti whale and anti dump mechanism
✅ Tested and rug proof contract
✅ PooCoin Ads already running
✅ Influencers already promoting
✅ CoinMarketCap listing coming soon!
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2021.12.04 16:19 HootenHoller [Letter]

Dr. Peterson,
I am writing to respond to your advice to young women regarding careers & family that is expressed in a YouTube video entitled, “Become a Real Woman Before It’s Too Late.”
The fatal flaw with your concept of women choosing motherhood over employment is that for the vast majority of Americans, it is financially impossible to support a household in a safe, decent area with income only coming from one parent. I agree 100% with your premise that trying to balance a career, a relationship, and parenthood does not produce the best results for anyone involved, including society as a whole.
I believe that society could benefit beyond even our most optimistic predictions if two-parent households with a division of labor were realistically within the grasp of the average person. (Although I would argue that either parent could assume the role of primary caregiver, not just the mother.)
There are many underlying reasons for encouraging women to pursue careers, but it is economics that ensures that there really isn’t much of a choice.
I think that your message isn’t realistic and could possibly lead young women to feel “damned if they do, damned if they don’t.” Given the current cost of living and job market, it almost always takes *two incomes* to pay for a household. If it were routinely possible for one person to provide for an entire family, I guarantee this would be much less of an issue. Who would voluntarily run ragged five days a week while paying somebody else to watch their children grow up?
It seems you are unfairly addressing young women in your message. The source of this dilemma is rooted in economic opportunities, not feminism. Thank you for considering an alternative perspective.
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2021.12.04 16:19 SirHalle Help please, I don't want to fucking DIE!

So I puchased a lian li o11 dynamic (Black), and on the box it has a big ass warning sign that says WARNING: Cancer and Repruductive Harm www.P65.Warnings.ca.gov. Now what do I do? Also I live in Denmark, not California, soooo yeah.
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2021.12.04 16:19 Skirbae Battle Royale: Hell Let Loose edition. TOMORROW! Try an intense, adrenaline fuelled and different custom game in Hell Let Loose. (This game mode is just a bit of fun! Apologies for the blasphemy associating HLL with BRs - no 'battle pass' needed! 😉)

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