Told the photographer I was off a couple percs🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

2021.12.04 17:42 dwightlone Told the photographer I was off a couple percs🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

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2021.12.04 17:42 Helpmemeowplease Wife doesn’t care about my sound issue

I’ve had this all my life but thanks to the Internet many years ago I found out what it was. I used to be a cable guy and I would hide outside if the customer was ever eating. Instant and pure rage.
When I talk to my wife about it, it’s like I am the bad guy. She is a fucking candy addict. So you know what time of year it is?
Mother fucking candy cane time. She chomps on these non stop. So everytime I hear her chomping away I make it a habit to throw away 5-10 candy canes.
I don’t have the trigger from my daughter. Thank God for that.
I feel for everyone who has this.
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2021.12.04 17:42 Godisastory worried it's all going to fall apart

I'm 16 days away from top surgery in the US, and I live a 12 hour flight away from my surgeon. it's currently sort of dawning on me that if I get covid, I might miss the only flight I can take, and miss my date, and have to wait until july for surgery, and I'm really freaking out about it. what will happen if I get covid? what do I do? I'm fully vaxxed and masking up btw, but I have in person school until winter break so I'm not 100% safe :.
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2021.12.04 17:42 machefrieden Boone after shredding an entire box of Kleenex :-)

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2021.12.04 17:42 svanapps r/binance - Trustwallet saves recovery phrases in App?

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2021.12.04 17:42 FuzzyFruitcake Rakuten US and Canada referral codes (helpful if you are a Canadian shopping on US based sites like Paula’s Choice)

So I have no one to share my referral codes with and need to save some money to pay software subscriptions for school. If you guys use my referral code, thanks so much in advance.
If you are in the US, this is the $40 referral link. (I think it’s US’s black friday special as there’s also 12% in cash back on some purchases.)
If you are in Canada, this is the $30 referral link.
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2021.12.04 17:42 Chickenchick11 Why does this baby think it’s a yoga master? Anyway I can fix it or is it normal?

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2021.12.04 17:42 uprclass2002 GOOD VIDEO. LET'S SHOW THIS UP AND COMER SOME LOVE!

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2021.12.04 17:42 Steev_The_Sadist I'll draw pretty much anything

I'll only draw like 15 of these I have too much time on my hands, so I'll do my best to draw pretty much anything humanoid.
I don't know how many of these I'll do but I'll try to do quite a few.
Just lemme know.
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2021.12.04 17:42 Admirable-Ad-6198 Enough said

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2021.12.04 17:42 Reecer4 Any thoughts on Parent accountability?

I just watched a video where a teacher quit mid-lesson and the kids just laughed. Everyone in the comments seemed to unanimously agree that since parents aren’t held accountable for student behavior, nothing will change. It’s something I’ve been thinking about lately as well. Is there any logical way to hold parents accountable to fix the glaringly obvious behavior problems we see everyday? To me, it is the number 1 issue facing my school. If we fixed that, we could achieve so much more.
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2021.12.04 17:42 chai-knees This is an open letter to those who know.

It’s common for me to have the deepest thoughts late at night while I toss and turn to fall asleep. What’s uncommon is having such deep thoughts that I feel the need to pour it all out before I wake up and forget about it. This is one of them.
So, here’s a bit of background. For 2 years, I went to this school in a new town worlds away completely different from the place I grew up in. I had no friends or family (besides my parents). Years of shared laughter and tears I left behind, very reluctantly so. It was bitter, but not for a while.
Here was I, a new kid with thick glasses, bad acne problems, and who spoke funny. You’d think I’d be that kid who eats alone in the cafeteria while the snobs at the top of the social totem pole look down on me with a laugh, but for at least a year I was not. This group of kids not so different from me, at least so I thought they were, let me join their group.
Between us everything felt good. Deep down I felt sincerely grateful that I didn’t have to bite the bitter pill they call loneliness, though I never said it outright to any of them. That was until somehow, something changed in me.
A sweet girl, soft spoken and easy to charm, completely captured my heart. I wasn’t just into her, I was all in for her. I lost sleep thinking of the best made-for-Hollywood scenarios I’d use to win her heart. I was becoming a very different person, and not in a good way. I was delusional. Madly so.
I began pushing aside my friends to pitifully court the snobs. Somehow, I thought that the more I associated with the “snobs” (who for what it’s worth, have actually been very nice as I got to know them), the more I’d seem like one of those bad boys all the ladies loved. Rather odd considering all but one of them were single at the time.
Just thinking of what I wrote hurts my head now, thinking of how I rationalized such a stupid idea. Anyways, back on topic.
I also started moving away from sitting with them to go sit next to the girl I liked, because I wanted to “study” together (we never actually did, nobody ever did in that Physics class). It took me a very forced (and obviously failed) attempt at asking her out to finally sever any interest I had for her.
Slowly but surely, I began feeling the taste of my own medicine. They moved away whenever I sat near them, stopped showing any interest in what I was doing or had to say. At first it was just the silent treatment. Then it got worse, until eventually I decided I had enough and quietly quit halfway through my 2nd year without much fanfare. It was just too much for me.
When I left many had questions for me, people I never thought would seek me out. A “snob”, a close friend of my former crush, even a former friend who I was a bit closer to than the rest. With the exception of one guy, who I consider my best friend and only friend from that school, I have not told anyone why I left. I never even told classmates and teachers at my new school about my time at my new school which was, needless to say, not as smooth as I made it out to be.
It’s been years and it’s not like I signed an NDA so here it is in short: I left because I made far too many stupid mistakes which came back to haunt me in the most painful and agonizing way possible - served with a dose of the bitter pill they call loneliness.
Though we may never see eye to eye again, I hope it’s not too late to say a few more words should they reach you.
To “you guys”, thank you for those times you let me call you a friend. I also apologize for those times I sold you out and cheapened the value of our friendship. Whether real or not, or if you guys even still think of me now, it was very real to me and I regret never having had the courage to say it to you all before it was too late.
To “her”, thank you for never lashing out at me for all those times I may’ve embarrassed you. For what it’s worth, I have no hard feelings at all for you and I also hope you don’t have any for me. I still think you’re a wonderful person and I wish you all the best in life.
To other friends and classmates, I wish I’d gotten to know you all better. I’m sorry for having to put up with the delusional idiot I was. I also hope we share no more hard feelings.
To my former teachers, I’m sorry for my behavior leading up to my final days as your student. Words cannot express how I wish my attitude were better those days. I apologize for having undeservedly subjected you all to my angst and rebellion.
And to all that’ve hurt me, whether you know it or not, I forgive you unconditionally. A good friend once told me hate is like a poison you inflict on yourself while hoping your enemies die. And you know what? He’s right. I no longer see the point in harboring a grudge for things that happened years ago. Life is far too precious for darkness, though it took me much time to realize that.
Finally, to the school I once called mine, thank you for all the valuable life lessons you’ve taught me. As bitter and painful as they were, I’d be a very different man from who I am now had I never set foot and call myself a student. Thank you for kicking my ass into becoming a wiser, more mature man, because a gentle blow wouldn’t have done it. Not even close.
I’m not too good with closing statements and it’s 4AM now. So, I guess this is it. Thanks for sticking by until now.
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2021.12.04 17:42 msmilan19 Alberto having abandonment issues for 7 minutes straight until it accidentally gets him adopted

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2021.12.04 17:42 Potato0627 [MO] Chops ungifted

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2021.12.04 17:42 Aggravating_Ad_3234 one walmart website wont load

is anyone else having issues with using the call out link?? i cant report my absence
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2021.12.04 17:42 smeteslwdhus We found it ;

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2021.12.04 17:42 Bpineapple_bananas [CD] [BL138] [WDotOG] [cursed and defiled chalice layer 2] [raymond966nl]

Got so close a few times by myself, but I just need a little final push to get it. I'm ringing my bell just outside the fog.
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2021.12.04 17:42 Xenoraiser Jim Beam Signature Craft Quarter Cask Scoresheet & Review

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2021.12.04 17:42 Cockatiel_Animations My first Canary, his name is Meep

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2021.12.04 17:42 ReauxJn Starting up brand new Regs Ps4 LG !!!! 31 Teams Open | All Madden 8Min Sim | Rules and Abilities | Preseason Week 1 FA once full enough !! Also looking for 1- 2 more commish !!!

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2021.12.04 17:42 andynzor Pelastakaa Pokemonit, jättäkää vihreät kuulat ostamatta tänä jouluna

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2021.12.04 17:42 WasteHotel Could The Batman reach a billion dollars?

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2021.12.04 17:42 Hash_Slngn_Slshr I thought Tomorrow War was a pretty decent movie until the third act. What a shit show.

The entire movie was sorta this weird Promethus, The Thing, Edge of Tomorrow hybrid and it was doing its thing until the third act. It wasn't like incredibly ground breaking but it was enjoyable while watching with lower standards (I knew what I was walking into). But the third act wow. What a fucking nose dive. It was the most consistent face palms I've done watching 15 minutes of movie. So frustrating. It could have been a solid 6/10 action movie without too much depth that is just fun to watch. Plummeted to a 4/10 requiring a cutoff after his daughter's death.
Tbh I was hoping it was a misdirect and their dumbass plan would have been the catalyst to all the events in the future. That would have made it more entertaining and you see this cycle of failed attempts to pre-emptively stop the war.
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2021.12.04 17:42 heelsoverhead80 "I Refuse to Comply." Living Daily Life in Non-compliance Under Late Capitalism

THIS POST IS ABOUT: Late Capitalism, Corporate Tool to Surplus Labor, Voting For What? The Billionaires Who Read Barron's, Artificial Intelligence Human Resources, No More Drug Tests and Background Checks and Why Keep Living?
Substack link
Welcome to life in the United States during it's dog days and years of god-awful Late Capitalism.
This substack is going to document my life while I live daily and against my will under a degraded, falling apart and destructive economic with it’s accompanied political system while I refuse to comply and try to not participate within it.
I won’t comply any longer because I can’t. Frankly, I’ve been in compliance with this dog shit, disgusting, failing Capitalist system for many years. I too, as many of us do who have to work for a living, have blood on my hands from the work I did under Capitalism. In some instances I destroy the lives of others as I did my job I as outlined.
I hated myself back then. In some ways I still do now.
I did my part within the collapsing U.S. economy and its social systems to prevent myself from being financially and reputationally destroyed because I feared the repercussions of non-compliance: homelessness, embarrassment, shame, sickness, and marginal living with no chance of a decent life and reintegration into our society.
I’m not a saint or brave. I’m just tired and disgusted.
For me, Late Capitalism is the time where the controllers of our society reveal themselves to be brutal. The Late Capitalist society is revealed to be controlled by monsters.
So, in the United States these monsters are our billionaire shareholders with their violently destructive monopoly-powered corporations that begin to openly show themselves to be in full control of THEIR government and THEIR justice system.
The monsters make it clear I have no voice or saying under their system. The pretense of a democracy, equality and justice for all are gone. It turned out we are not “All In It Together.” We workers are the ones who are left holding the economic bag full of shit and are being made to pay once again for another one of their economic collapses.
These are the monsters that own the two political parties we are allowed by them to have in the U.S. Therefore, they control the legislative, judicial and executive branches of governance. This is why to me it doesn’t matter any longer which one of the two political party is in power because the legislation, judicial and executive outcomes always in favor of these Wall Street monsters. They always win while we keep losing.
Even the once vaunted U.S. Middle Class has been annihilated by the billionaire monsters. The wealth of only four U.S. multi billionaires now exceed the once great wealth of multi million Middle Class members who believed in Capitalism as fair. This use to be my class but I’ve been pushed out.
I now called surplus labor. I serve no use and have no value today under Late Capitalism. A few years ago they paid me handsomely. How quickly you fall during Late Capitalism.
I remain unemployed either due to: 1) My stubbornness because I keep demanding a fair wage, reasonable working conditions and respect or 2) The American economy is ripping my body and mind apart because I’m no longer needed and, as a result, have no required business or social value as I continue to remain long-term U.S. unemployed.
In the United States, workers are designated “long-term unemployed” if you’ve gone without employment for six months or longer. The government no longer counts us, currently 8.4 million long-term unemployed, in the Bureau of Labor U.S. unemployed statistic, the one they and Wall Street publish.
Currently I sleep at a warming shelter in Loudoun County in Northern Virginia. My credit and bank account are shot, gone. I used both when I was a “good citizen” of the United States as I dutifully paid my monthly rent ($1700) and all bills through 2020 to Labor Day 2021. It was on this day, the day that celebrates the American Worker, that the billionaires thought it would be funny to destroy us, the uncounted unemployed. How did this happen you ask?
Well, it happened when the Biden Administration, all U.S. congressional members and all 50 U.S. state governors did the dirty work of the billionaire class and cut off the long-term workers one lifeline, the extended Pandemic unemployment insurance.
By the way, all of my political representatives are women: Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell, Rep Marilyn Strickland of Washington State (my last state I had a legal residence) and Governor Kathy Holchul of New York (the last state I worked in before this latest economic catastrophe).
Let’s just say our elected women who are “leaning in" did not return my calls or emails where I asked for help. The “kindness and empathy" of women in political power is a myth. Don’t believe it when a politician claims this. They, like any self-interest class of people, only care about and protect their class.
At least in Barron’s Magazine (the financial rag for Wall Street investors) one billionaire responded to my situation but more about that later. I got a one month free subscription from Barron’s (otherwise it’s content is behind a paywall where the poor are not allowed in) to see what the monsters who are killing us were saying about people like me, the long-term, now impoverished, unemployed.
The Barron’s billionaires said we long-term unemployed were stuffing our pittance of erratic unemployed and stimulus checks in our mattresses, or playing their stock market or opening our own businesses. I kid you not.
They also admitted they thought up the scheme of cutting off all worker aid and assistance to create a multi million army of desperate, compliant Americans who would beg to work for them for nothing.
However, they were shocked when millions of U.S. workers dropped out of their plantation/slave job marketplace. They were confused and kept asking “What happened to them?” or “Where are they?” I wrote in and said we unemployed workers are on an extended vacation in Costa Rico.
I’m tell you, in the time of Late Capitalism, millions of people receive a death sentence as the result of nonsense speculations of the billionaire class.
In Barron’s, the billionaire investor REALLY BELIEVE we unemployed American workers, lying on our satin sofas eating brie and water crackers, got wealthy on government pandemic aid. I countered this line with the REAL and embarrassingly paltry amount we actually received. They didn’t respond to the real numbers because the truth didn’t help to promote their lies.
This report prompted one billionaire to say to me I was disrespectful by blaming him and his fellow billionaire criminals of mismanagement and malfeasance for the economic collapse of an entire country. That billionaire assured me he would never hire me because of my “poor attitude.” I truthfully told him he was correct to not hire me because I would blow the whistle within minutes of hire on his financial misdeeds that I use to protected for people like him as a risk manager to billionaire owners.
Bluntly, I’m currently homeless with less than $30 in my bank account. The most valuable thing I have is my Mini Cooper (value about $8K) and my household possessions in storage in Los Angeles (value about $30k) currently seized by the storage owner due to non payment of a $2k storage rental bill. They will sell my household goods in four weeks.
I stopped paying my on my two credit cards with high balances as I immediately sank into dire poverty a couple of weeks after labor day. I no longer have the means by which to participate in the billionaires economy.
If I’m allowed no income, the I can’t by a Christmas tree or an electric car. You would think that they would want me to be able to easily get a decent job or have my rightfully earned unemployment insurance to help them keep their system of wealth extraction from us going, but I guess not.
Have I been looking for work? The answer is yes I have. I have been applying for jobs for over a year but in my field they’ve stopped hiring or there is so much competition for the jobs I keep losing out.
I’ve applied for over 100 jobs over the last 1.5 years which resulted in two interviews. One of the jobs disappeared to a budget shortfall the other I lost because my computer system is currently in storage.
I would say the biggest block to looking for working in the United States right now is that Silicon Valley tech and software companies control the employment marketplace. Their products are of poor quality. It’s like the sold thousands of software platforms at the Beta stage full of bugs and problems that I have to deal with..
Also the job application process, fully online now, full of redundancy where you apply through a job platform and then receive a company or corporation computer generated email telling you you have fill out the same information on your resume onto their platform or onto their pdf job application.
Even worst: no human is involved in the process unless Artificial intelligence software technology pass your application on as “acceptable.” HR personnel have either been fired or are enjoying not having to review resumes because they no longer do. There is no bypassing AI.
Also another outrageous part of applying to work in the United States is the new process of routine demands of employers from grocery stores, warehouses, offices and restaurants of drug tests and background checks. Again, this is a new demand.
Between artificial intelligence software reviewing and rejecting job applications, demands to see inside my body by employers, careless treatment by Human Resources human beings and the constant demand to be available for work 24/7…
This is were I’m unsure if I’m too stubborn when I say: “I won’t work for less than $X or “No, I do not consent to you testing my urine, blood or hair follicles.”
I just can’t do this anymore. I am not a thing. I’m a human being.
Am I being unreasonable or am I stand up for my rights as a human who use to be valued? Am I asking too much to be treated with dignity and respect? At this point, I’m unsure daily living under Late Capitalism is a galling insult.
Some days as I sit in my car at a park waiting for the warming shelter to open at 6:30 pm, I ask myself should I just end my life because I’m tired and I refuse to consent to living like a serf, servant or a slave (like my ancestors were forced to do years ago)?
When you live under Late Capitalism I think suicide is a reasonable option for some of us. Am I wrong?
Karen, a surplus laborer with no representation in government
If you like what I’ve written, then please comment. If you would like to help me keep writing, then please donate to my Venmo account at: @desertblossom-83
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2021.12.04 17:42 NeutroN_RU_IL Whats the relation of the Anima to Masturbation?

Whats the relation of the Anima to Masturbation, how does the Anima manifest when you masturbate?
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