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Would you watch ?

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2022.01.28 03:33 dracov42 Love getting a good OSL from my airbrush

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2022.01.28 03:33 Practical_Mail_4566 I found this and i can relate

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2022.01.28 03:33 Dantesolos123 Would an item itself had to transcend the concept of dimensions in order to grant the user the power to be beyond all dimensions?

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2022.01.28 03:33 AcademicProfile7355 Nerve pain 2.5 months post surgery

37M 70 kilos 169 cm Valdoxan medication Non smoker No previous medical issues Issue with testicular pain Duration 7 months
I had testicular surgery and recovery went well for 2.5 months the bam! Nerve pain - aching testicles and sharp pains
How can nerve pain present so long after surgery?
Is it a potential that I aggravated nerves but then compounded the issue though extreme anxiety?
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2022.01.28 03:33 2019ForestHillsDrive what do i make of this situation with a coworker…

Basically im 21 and work at a super popular barestaurant in my college area. I started a couple weeks ago and don’t really know anyone there that well but around a week ago I had a pretty nice conversation with one of the girls who bartends there… today i saw her again for the first time after that and really wasnt talking to her but she kept making strong eye contact and towards the end of my shift she straight up came up to me and told me to come see her at the bar after I got off work. I did that and it was actually a really nice time. I got her number and she kept coming back to talk to me. I had to leave after a few hours and she genuinely seemed sad and hugged me. She also said things like “i like lowkey guys which is why i approached you” and “no guy has ever asked me about myself like you did.” I know she’s probably into me but Ive never in my life had a woman be this direct and fast. I literally had one conversation with her betore this. It kind of caught me off guard and it’s exciting but weird too
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2022.01.28 03:33 barnivere Children's Book from the 90's, square eyes?

Okay here's my best description of it. I remember as a kid, there was a book I saw at the library. It was about a boy with square eyes on the cover. I can't remember for the life of me what the book was anyone have a guess as to what it was?
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2022.01.28 03:33 WesternGuide5449 It's going really frustrating

I don't understand how everyone can get good rules I don't know how to do it at all I've look for videos and I can't find one that helps understand
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2022.01.28 03:33 SparsePizza117 My friends keep doing "REEEEEE!" and it's super annoying

My friends, which are literal adults btw, are constantly squealing and making the "REEEEEEEE" sound and it hurts my ears and is insanely annoying. I tell them to knock that shit off but they just find it funny😐 Seriously need to grow tf up
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2022.01.28 03:33 tpcguts Ultraman Rebirth: A fanfic series write-up

Since we don't see fanfics published here often enough, I thought I might as well make a thread for it and explore some of the ideas I've already expressed in other threads, and gather them together.
In a world where budget isn't a concern, there's some ideas and direction I want to see Ultraman to head. I know this idea is a Ultraman series that will never be made, but I still want to explore a unique Ultraman series in my dreams lol. I may even add some fanart to fill up this world, but we'll see how things goes.

  1. First, make it a show with an international cast. All too often budget is the reason that holds back the cast one can use in any series. But those big streaming giants have the money to throw at shows. They have an ability to hire an international cast. So the show can make full use of that. Give us a worldwide human agency that deals with Kaiju (similar to TPC, but on an even more massive scale) Instead of hearing about other branches, we would actually see those branches and see how they work together. But in order to ensure the 30 episode show can retain a core focus on a few characters, we should focus on the elite branch that is the creme-of-the-top. This elite branch can be very international, made up from people from all corners of the world. As the elite branch, they are the rapid deployment that flies to anywhere in the world where kaijus and strange sightings is appearing. They will help and support the local branch, so this elite team will go around the world in different episodes. But to retain the core Japanese traditional nature of Ultraman, I would make the Captain of this elite unit Japanese, as well as the human host of Ultraman Japanese. The rest of the elite team can be an American, A Russian, A Chinese, a South-American, a southeast Asian, a European ( could be French, German or Italian to make it more interesting than a Brit), A middle-Easterner and someone from any of the major sub-Saharan nations (maybe Nigerian or South African?). The reason for such a diverse cast is to focus heavily on the international nature of the organisation, and also to reinforce the theme of humanity working together in spite of the challenges that may face. So a total of 9 main cast. Think of that as following the vision of Star Trek TOS. When it was first created, Roddenberry envisioned a future where humanity had put aside their differences and worked together. But keeping the captain and Ultraman host Japanese would ensure the original Japanese spirit of the show will not remain forgotten. This is not a show trying to white-wash away the Japanese roots of Ultraman. It's embracing its roots and expanding how Japan and Japanese creators deal and react to the world around them. And to add to that, the main International HQ for the anti-kaiju force would still be located somewhere in Japan. Many people who worked there come from all over the world, but Japanese are a key core staff running the base. What this does is that you can have a lot of opportunities to let all the non-Japanese American characters get to learn Japan culture better, and the same applies to Japanese learning other cultures through them.
  2. Make the show sci-fi focused In other words, go back to the roots of the OG Ultra-series, and maybe also from what Shin-Ultraman is doing. Episodes should embrace the advances in technology and make it unique in its own way. With the near unlimited budget, you can show how human technology have evolved and form a part of people's daily lives. Make the world our heroes are living in an interesting world to explore on its own. Show how kaiju interreacts with such an advanced world. Are they living in harmony with science and technology encroaching on their habitats? Are some kaiju created by humanity? What do humans truly want to do with the kaijus? You can have groups being against the attack teams because they don't think blowing up all the kaijus on the planet is a solution.
3. Explore the planet Earth
In most Ultraman shows, most of the time there only budget to show off different parts of Japan. Now with a show that have a much greater budget and having technologies like 'the Volume" in Star Wars Mandalorian that can bring the cast to almost any corner of the world, let the show really explore the diversity of the planet. Some episodes will be in Japan, others we get to see parts of South-East Asia, the deep jungles of South America, to the urban cities and castles of New York or the suburban towns of America.
Give us Kaiju inspired by local myths all around the world. Show us how people in those cultures are reacting to kaijus and how it impacted their lives. One way to make use of the limited episode count would be having each of the non-Japanese attack team member going back to where they came from and build the story around them.
Have them be the local culture expert and show why they wanted to join the attack team in the first place. So that can give almost every member of the team their own character-development episode.
4. The politics of mankind.
Despite depicting a world where mankind from different parts of the world had now started working together for the benefit of all, old history and tensions have never truly gone away. National-self=interest still remains at times. Old feuds between cultures don't die out that easily. The idea that people should help their countrymen over that of humanity are still around. Different people have different views about what to do with kaijus. While some may be happy with blowing them up, others see co-existence as an option, or others think humanity deserved to be wiped out by kaijus.
And there shouldn't be an easy solution to many of mankind's problems. You should see those tensions being part of the series and episodes. This is a show about humankind working together, but this is not an utopia. It's the struggle of working past our differences and finding common ground that is another central theme of the show.
5**. The Mechas.*\* I love the Mechas in Ultraman, and I think an series with near unlimited funding could do Mecha justice. But I really do not want the Mechas to be too outlandish. I am aiming for designs that will make them feel right at home with sci-fi designed planes and fighters and transport vehicles all around the world. And they shouldn't be limited to the elite attack team. The different local branches can have modified design better suited to their climate and operational needs. And there needs to be mechas used by the "regular" army, naval and air forces as well.
We should see tanks, ships and planes from "normal militaries" helping to fight the kaijus and to act as support. Those can feature cool sci-fi designs that can appeal to many fans and kids.
I am hesitant with drones and Robots because while those appeal to many people in East Asian market, Not everyone likes them. I'll keep them to limited screen-time as special weapons, but they won't be the main mechas in the show. Not having drones is simply for narrative reason. You want the heroes to fly around in planes fighting kaiju to have tension in the non-Ultraman fight scenes.
6. The Ultraman Now the important bit. What sort of Ultraman are we talking about here? In my mind, he should be as mysterious as possible, no mentions of M-78 or anything to do with all the other Ultraman in existence. But he has been on Earth for a very, very long time. Various myths around talked about him defeating kaiju and saving them. Some even worshipped him as a god, though he never demanded any from anyone. But that seems to be a cycle of constant reincarnation for the Ultraman hosts. Our hero host is only the latest reincarnations of all previous lives. Now, I will like to incorporate some elements of Buddhism into this story with the notion of Ultraman being this Bodhisattva-like figure. The Ultraman constantly allow himself to be reborn again and again to help humanity achievement enlightenment as a species. Hence all the past lives of the Ultraman host matters to the story. Who or what is Ultraman is going to be the ongoing mystery that will be never truly solved till the end of the series. Our next hero host, is going to undergo their character growth through the many lives they had previously led. He as Ultraman had led many others towards the path of enlightenment and towards "light" and could leave the cycle of reincarnation behind. But he as Ultraman is fated or "doomed" to never leave the cycle despite having all the abilities and understanding of "enlightenment". That is going to be the main struggle for our hero. He is on the path no one else could walk. That in some ways is also going to tie to the the notion of the messiah in Christianity. But this is more to do with paying tribute to Eiji Tsuburaya's own catholic faith, but will be done in a tactful way in respect of people who those beliefs. As for what sort of powerups and abilities this Ultraman will have? I like to keep it simple. As this show have very little connection any other Ultra-series, there won't be any power-ups, merger or gimmicks to do with previous Ultra-series. Perhaps this Ultraman can morph and change according to the region he is in? That he will somehow morph to fit how he is depicted in local myths? Sort of like how different regions and cultures can depict a dragon differently, How Ultraman looked like is always different according to where the myth was coming from. This will show Ultraman was connecting with the locals and that made him more adaptable at fighting local kaijus?
7. The villains Similar to the Showa and Heisei era, there will be many episodic elements to the show. A lot of kaijus, their origins and what sort of impact they had on the regions they are arising in will mostly be self-contained in some shape or form. But there will be hints that many of the events and kaiju awakening were influenced by something else. Something more mysterious. Throughout the show, there will be a lot of hints towards the true villain that has caused so much harm and damage worldwide. There will be a lot of prophecies about the coming of the final villain, To put it simply, the final villain of the series will be an Eldritch Abomination. Not quite following Tiga by making them Master's of simply darkness, I am hoping for the Eldritch Abomination to function as an anti-thesis against the core theme of the show. It exists to simply drive humanity to tore itself apart. Its goal was to prevent humanity from reaching enlightenment and remained trapped in a world full of suffering and despair. it has been driven into a slumber after being defeated by Ultraman in its very first incarnation. Now it seeks to destroy Ultraman once again and especially corrupt the mind of the host. It aims to stop the cycle of reincarnation of Ultraman and ensure the giant can no longer protect and guide humanity.
8. The Special Effects The demands on good special effects, and it needing to reach a wider audience sadly means CGI will have to be used. It aims to have quality effects on par with what we see in big Hollywood movies like the Legendary Godzilla movies and that of Marvel ( See Antman's giant form, which was in turn inspired by Ultraman) But I think miniatures should and can be used whenever possible. But only at the scale in which it supplements the films and doesn't take away from the realism of it. Meaning use them the way LOTR did with its miniature sets. But that would have to depend on the budget for it. Even the richest TV shows will reach its budget limits at times.

9. The characters Perhaps one of the most challenging task of all. You can spend lots of money to hire good actors, but they need to have a script that makes them interesting characters. While there will be a large ensemble cast and supporting cast with such a show, I am really hoping each of the main cast gets their own storyarc if possible. Yes, I may be limited to 30 episodes, but maybe there is a way for that to work. The Main casts will be the attack team members.
The Captain: The oldest of the team. A professional and efficient commander leading the group, but someone who do not truly wish to fight if he/she has to. A single parent of a child and lost their partner a few years back. The main struggle is having to balance out his duties for the team and being a parent for the child. His/her story can be an arc about learning to grow as a parent and be there for the child no matter how busy they may be.
The second-in-command: Or the field leader. An excellent soldier and officer. Works well with the Captain. Possibly a female character. Gets along with the team well enough, but remains a very professionally driven character. Sees her current post and assignment merely as a step towards climbing to a higher office. But secretly holds doubts about her own ability to break new barriers and the baggage she carries within herself. How the character can challenge those doubts will be the key focus of their character growth.
The Scientist: All-round science expert that mastered many, many fields. The person who study, examines and explain the kaijus and weird paranormal events. Also, surprising the jock of the team. Read when he can, but also enjoys many sports. The person who managed all that because they are excellent at time management. But despite his all-round excellence, struggles with relationship the most. Building good long-term relationship is his weakness as he does not quite know how to share his time with others. Will perhaps undergo character journey of learning to connect with people and let them in on his time.
The fighter-ace: The best pilot on the team and knows that well. Doesn't play all that well with the rules. Unknown to others, he secretly feels he was guilty for the death of his wing-man in a battle. A challenge for him would be learning to let go of that guilt.
The Engineer: Responsible for inventing a number of tools and weaponry the team uses. Not the same as the scientists in the sense that this characters deals with the mechanics of stuff rather than the actual science. The person whose job is to figure out how things work. Also the joker of the group. However, beneath of the jovial surface is an individual that was essentially chased out of his family at an earlier age. He is of indigenous background with all that baggage that he caries with him. (Which specific indigenous culture can be left up to debate)
The Kaiju-expert: Leading Biologist with the foremost knowledge on kaiju in general. Also an activists, this character only reluctantly joined the Attack team because at the least the character can assess the threat of the kaiju. Tension will often result due to disagreement with the more militaristic members with this member over what to do with the kaiju.
The departmental liaison agent: Officially attached by the higher-ups to monitor the team's conduct, this character also have a role of actually liaising and working with regional branches and coordinating with local authorities. Does not have the team full trust.
The ground-team expert: History in covert ops and ground weapon specialists. Keeping track of kaijus, rescuing trapped civilians and etc. Despite the character's formidable reputation, is able to be very jolly when off-duty.
The field anthropologist: An academic who foremost study the lore and stories of the kaiju in legends and myths, as well as working with the locals telling such myth. Have a deep understanding of history.
Last but not least. The Medic: Also secretly Ultraman. His knowledge about kaiju through reincarnation has made him aware of how to treat people who suffered from kaiju wounds. Not merely a doctor but also a bio-chemist, thus being able to respond to all sorts of bio-chemical threats a kaiju incident may produce.
So that's what I had in mind of a dream of a super-bid budget Netflix/Disney+/Amazon style Ultra-series. There is need to have a focus on the epicness and scale of the story and battles. Not only are the battles epic, the story itself needs to be an epic. It needs to be a show where you can feel the soul of so many people on Planet Earth.
The idea, and aim is to allow the battles of Ultraman to reach out to audience from across the world. Kids can enjoy all the cool battles, kaijus, attack teams and etc. But it should also reach out to the adults and parents watching it with them.
I may post more with ideas in the future, but for now, that's what I feel I want to see in a big budget streaming series.

Ideas for the Pilot:
At the academic conference, people were seated listening to the anthropologist giving a paper about different cultures throughout history often deals with a semi-mythical figure that seems to pop up again and again in many stories about monsters. The anthropologist dubbed this figure "Ultraman" and at the end of it was basically looking for sponsors to further research into this Ultraman project. Eventually, some military figure is approaching the anthropologist saying they are interested in such an research and want him/she to join a special team that they are forming.
Cue a few years ahead.
We see a massive base in Japan, located close to Tokyo. The base is an impressive sight containing some of the most advanced technologies known to man. All sorts of vehicles and planes can be seen in the area. We soon jump to a commencement scene where all the members of the new Kaiju attack team is being presented to many members of the public and media. All sorts of Kaiju had been seen in public and some have attacked humans in recent years. While most of the time kaijus are defeated by the military, the fact that it took the military time to deploy sufficient resources often result in some kaiju escaping or too much damaged had already been dealt. So now branches of anti-kaiju task forces are being set up all around the world. But the team being presented here is the cream of the crop, experts in their own respective fields. It is their job to support and assist other anti-kaiju teams in many different countries. And they will have access to a brand new ride mechas that are being produced. It will have near unlimited range and excellent speed and firepower. However, as these new mechas are still being rolled out at a slow pace, meaning many of the local branches do not have the same access to the new mechas.
Public presentation is now over, and we get to see the team go to their own command centre located inside the large base. Their first job is to investigate rumours of a cult that wants to resurrect a kaiju as their god. It takes place in a small town in rural Japan, so the team gets deployed. The town seems peaceful enough, but as the team investigate things further, there is a lot of rumours about people disappearing. The anthropologist began to study the local myths and stories of the small town, and things starts to get a little unsettling. Rumours of human sacrifice occurs throughout the towns' history. The Kaiju-expert and the scientist began exploring the strange elements of the town. Strange things that seems to defy the rules of physics and they both theorise what might be the cause. The kaiju expert says there has never been a kaiju that is known to have been associated from this area, which means the possible kaiju might be foreign to the area. The ground team expert and the liaison officer decided to chase up on all the missing people case in the area together with the vice-captain who is the field commander. The captain, the fighter ace and the engineer remained back in base as they had work to be done on ensuring the first official deployment of the mech will not have any issues once it is going to combat.
Eventually, the ground team located the dead bodies. They have all been ritually sacrificed by something. Suddenly, those sacrificed bodies began evolving and changing into something else. Cue combat firefight and a chase scene. Over with the anthropologist, he met up with the kaiju-expert and the scientist as they began to piece together a possible alien entity that had began to fester in the town for generations. The medic had been spending most of his time looking up the health of the residents and is starting to realise they have all suffered some sort of weird disease over the years. And it was those that reacted the worst that ended up disappearing. Soon local mayor wanted the team to leave. As the team object, the field combat guy came back with the liasion officer and confirmed reports about a possible alien incursion. Kaijus is definitely in the area. The Mayor now knowing the gig is up, revealed that this town had indeed been part of the cult worshiping an alien god that had arrived in the village a long time ago. And the caverns near the town began to shake and a Cthulhu-like figure began to emerge. Many people of the town, seeing this Cthulhi in all its sights, began to go mad. Bits of reality began to warp as well,
The team rushed to their vehicles and get ready for combat. The fighter-ace joins them as well. The team is doing well with their advanced weapons, but this Cthulhu seemingly start to bend the rules of physics. Energy beams and all sorts of weapons that relies on conservation of energy working seems to have failed. Seems like energy is just being destroyed by this kaiju. The team is at a lost. Even asking for more support is useless if this creature can just destroy any energy and just shrug off everything.
At this hopeless moment, Ultraman appears. The first thing the giant did was to reverse everything Cthulhu has done. Rules of physics are seemingly restored by the silver giant. People who went mad started calming down. The Ultraman began to engage in battle against the Cthulhu, The Ultraman struggled a little against the Cthulhu, but soon seems to have gathered more and more strength. The light on its chest began to blink, and this giant seem to know he had to end the fight soon. Gathering his energy, he formed a T-crossed shape and blasted at the Cthulhu. The Ultraman wiped out the kaiju and many of the townpeople seems to have regained their sense. Before the team could do anything else, the giant flew into the air and vanished. And at that moment, the medic appeared from the back of a hospital.
As the team debrief back at base, they were all talking about this Ultraman figure. The anthropologist who had been studying Ultraman for most of his life, said it is curious this Ultraman has appeared in modern times. And deep beneath the Earth, it looks like something is reawakening.
End of the first pilot.

I love the use of Lovecraftian mythos in Ultraman Tiga, so I thought they will be good monsters to kickstart the series. The pilot does what it does, basically set things up properly. It is meant to show the different roles each character have, so the plot is relatively simple. Find a cult, expose it, fight the kaiju. Cthulhu I think is a good monster for the pilot as it sets the tone and the stakes involved in the series. As powerful as he is, I want to show people just how powerful Ultraman really is. But that will be greater challenges along the way.
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2022.01.28 03:33 lovelygumnut Dream of turning on bathroom sink and vomit came out

I had a weird dream last night that I turned on the bathroom sink and vomit just kept coming out. Disgusting! A weird detail was that I was in my childhood home.
I would love to hear your take on this.. I have a theory
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2022.01.28 03:33 terrenerapier What are all the Statuses?

I have applied to 11 schools and when I submitted the applications back in December, the status was "submitted".
Now, just one of them is Under Program Review. I have heard that even after people get their decisions, the status does not change. Is that true? What are the possible statuses?
Also, what is "Submitted - Awaiting decision"? Does that come after "Under Review"?
I am really confused with this, and none of the grad schools have a page detailing this.
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2022.01.28 03:33 TheSwedeDuck Två-två-två-två

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2022.01.28 03:33 gaurav89244 Along with amazing Gods P2E new PvP Rewards Structure make earning easier Minor Arena PvP reward with new reward structure Minor Arena PvP it will be great now give out PLA rewards to rankers who are staking SSR NFT and all Players who rank in both Major and Minor Arena will receive whichever PLA reward amount is higher. So now is the perfect time to stock up on SSR PlayDapp Town PLAYZ NFTs
Check out their detail See more here: /useplaydapp_io
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2022.01.28 03:33 MithrasMithraeum App doesn’t even account for basic things

I had two consecutive late night bookings (27/28th) and the one on the 27th went past midnight and bled over into the 28… lo and behold now the app just shows the upcoming booking on the 28th with no way to end tonight’s walk. I contacted support and they said it was a known issue and that it wouldn’t affect my payment or ranking with the algorithm (hopefully), but the bigger issue here is that this is a publicly traded company that’s been around for years and can’t account for pretty basic things like day/time transitions - maybe petty but just another frustration stacked on an already late night
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2022.01.28 03:33 EasternTonight Function Key not working

Hey guys, I have a Corsair K55 RGB PRO keyboard connected to my 2017 Macbook Air. It's been a couple of months since I bought it. The problem I am having with it is that the function key is not working. As in the "use Function key to" options in System Preferences doesn't work. It works on my inbuilt keyboard, but it does not work in the Corsair. Also, the other thing is that when I connect this keyboard the options change from 'fn' to a globe icon. All help would be appreciated
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2022.01.28 03:33 AnxiousIndicator 2020 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT [3795x2529]

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2022.01.28 03:33 anarchyart2021 Ukraine crisis: Biden warns Russia may invade next month

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2022.01.28 03:33 antdude ‘Mortal Kombat’ Scribe Greg Russo To Adapt ‘System Shock’ For Binge

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