Just pulled this Gold 5/10 Center Stage Dak. I couldn’t find any listings. Does anybody know about it’s value

2022.01.28 02:15 Fast_Study795 Just pulled this Gold 5/10 Center Stage Dak. I couldn’t find any listings. Does anybody know about it’s value

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2022.01.28 02:15 Sloopy_Boi Algo not showing up?

Sent Algo to the address provided, it is the same address I have sent to before. Algo explorer has the transaction ID as RND72UCCHI4WYWHOPOVN7DDRJFFYNXSOERU7I2FL3H76GGDU3WCA and shows it went though and the 108 algo sitting in the wallet but I haven't received a confirmation email nor is it showing up in the app.
What should I do in this situation? It's not allot of money but I was planning on moving all my crypto from CB over to CDC. And with Algo I've never had an issue moving it.
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2022.01.28 02:15 jsakic99 ACS January-28-2022: Alonzo Bodden

Alonzo Bodden is in studio right at the top of the podcast. The guys talk about the benefits of being bald, BMW touring bikes, and the pros and cons of living off of Pacific Coast Highway. They also discuss the stereotypes associated with motorcyclists, the driving abilities of Jay Leno, and more on creepy porno director Bobby Hollander. Before the break, the guys learn the tragic story of porn star Shauna Grant, and discover a rare Bobby Hollander blooper reel.
Alonzo Bodden is still in studio as the guys jump into Trending Topics, including Reddit’s ‘Anti-Work’ Subreddit, celebs who insure body parts, hate for Pat Mahomes’ fiancé, and a historic Jeopardy run coming to an end. Later, Gina reads news stories about Spotify removing Neil Young’s music, a Bollywood star cleared of obscenity over a 2007 Richard Gere kiss, Prince Andrew demanding a trial in the US, and Antonio Brown’s weird claims. As the show wraps up, Alonzo talks about Terry Crews taking an important acting role from him, opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger.
“Geez. These is definitely the last conversation I have on this sub.”
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2022.01.28 02:15 Doc_Hersh3y You know what? F*** this game...

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2022.01.28 02:15 chillywilly69 Paint and siding upgrades

Hi - I am in the process of selecting new siding and paint for my home. I want to make it look more modern so I chose the new wood siding designs you see in a new home and a coat of gray paint; garage door too! Can you let me know if this looks ok or does this look stupid? Don't hold back let me have it. thanks!
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2022.01.28 02:15 mischivx amateur min/max attempt. 15k gold first week of spring year 1. copper pickaxe upgrade (2k), fiberglass rod (1.8k), 250 crops planted (12k+).

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2022.01.28 02:15 Porkerrican Plex app for Android is showing my PC as offline

What the title says. I'm able to access it from my Roku tv just fine, it's just from my phone. I have tried deleting all the data and then reinstalling the app, but it still shows as offline. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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2022.01.28 02:15 Beanflikr3000 Non Action Doll

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2022.01.28 02:15 StormyRaven_ Specimin got stuck on one of missions

I was doing the singularity objective. I got in, was fighting the guy. Had him down to half health and he just vanished. Spent 5 minutes running around trying to look for him and collecting all the ammo. He was making a lot of noise, eventually I found him stuck. He had managed to fall off the railings into an out of bounds area. I got him to about 25% health and then he started making the clones which meant i couldnt shoot him anymore. And his shield ability whatever it was was preventing me from shooting the clones. Lost my op cause i couldnt kill him, (and I couldn't find where I came in, so I didnt extract in time 😂).
Was wondering if anyone else had this happen or if it was just me
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2022.01.28 02:15 Ok_Kitchen_5594 family being extremely overbearing.

I am currently pregnant with my first child. I haven’t even been to my first appointment yet. According to my app i am 6 weeks one day. I was originally not planning on telling my family about my pregnancy for a while, but I am horrible at keeping secrets so I told them last week. i told them specifically i don’t want advice unless i ask for it, and even then i might not take it. i tried to be clear and concise with them but they are not listening. they have been bombarding me with questions and telling me all kinds of advice i haven’t asked for. i love how they are supportive of my pregnancy and excited but i don’t know how get them to stop. i have adhd and get overwhelmed extremely easily and it has been much worse ever since i got pregnant. its giving me a bunch of anxiety them constantly bringing up a million things at once and telling me about all the scary things that can happen if i don’t do XYZ. i’m also a lot more “natural minded” than my family and am looking into trying an unmedicated birth possibly at a birth center. they were not having it and they basically tried to convince me that i will die if i take that route. it’s so extremely frustrating to me. it’s making me feel like my next pregnancy should be kept a complete secret. ugh. this is more of a rant but does anybody have experience with this? or advice on how to handle my family?
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2022.01.28 02:15 thefrenchdelegation Playboy 'Strongly Supports' Women Accusing Hugh Hefner

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2022.01.28 02:15 BDFL Can we get some nostalgia going? 2042 has got me down :(

Hey there,
So I've been playing BFV pretty relentlessly these past couple of months. It's been a light in a pretty dark time for me IRL, and going back to V has allowed me a solid release from the everyday stress. How about we have a thread dedicated to sharing some past glories of the good ol' days? I'll start.
This actually happened today, but it's got me in a bluesy mood. I was playing Breakthrough on Iwo Jima as US, and it's the first time I've been on the winning team on that particular map. I've never felt so accomplished from Video games. Post-match, I've never had a feeling of utter awe like that, but I've also never felt so bittersweet about a game. Here goes:
The Sweet:
From the first spawn, I was immersed. Darting back and forth between tank wreckages and little bits of rock cover on the beach in the opening phase, taking the beach head then the command post after. Snipers and machine guns everywhere, constant bullets flying over head and the explosions making me jump, scared shitless I'm next to be mowed down. From belly crawling through tall grass to flank the enemy, killing an enemy in the process of stabbing my squad mate, but just a second too late. Frantically switching classes to take down a tank that's just fucking our day up, then swapping back to support engineer to keep our tanks up. It was Insanity! Never knowing where the next bullet would come from, where the next ambush would take place, laying low as half the enemy team runs past me, then popping up to shoot them in their backs, only to be mowed down by a type 2a. What a roller coaster.
We then had to carefully and methodically navigate through the mountainous foothills, to take the next two objectives, peeking out to get a potshot at the entrenched enemy, and jumping out of my seat when I peek too long and get my face blown off. So intense. Heading up the hill to take the next two objectives, smoke everywhere, Can't see anything. Then the smoke clears, and I see my entire squad slaughtered in a hail of MG fire from down the hall. I Pop more smoke and frantically attempt to save them.... only to be cut down myself. Looking around and my writhing squad mates, hearing their agony, knowing there's nothing I can do to save them or myself. Finally looking at the ceiling as my screen goes dark.
We're back in the fight. My squad has managed to flank and take the far objective. We're now working back towards the first objective, effectively pinning our enemy in a pincer move. Whittling their numbers down one by one as the objective slowly flips. Getting shot, revived, downed again, revived, somehow managing to get a few bullets off each time until I hear that sweet, sweet ping, telling me my foe can't keep racking up kills on me in the blinding white of the smoke. Satisfying. And then...
That final trek up the hill. I can only imagine the hell of the real fight of Iwo Jima. Darting around attempting to save my fallen brothers as they roll down the hill defeated. So. Many. Bullets.
We finally make the crest of the hill, only to be blasted into oblivion by a JB rocket. Pushing up again, we all know this is it. We must get to the top. Not enough reinforcements to make another try. I scale the cliff face, somehow manage to kill the gunner in front of me. Bellying forward, I take his mg, as my Grease Gun just doesn't have the range I need. I kill one sniper. Then another. I see a group of MGs and unload, allowing our left flank to advance. One of our squads lands a JB on the objective, and we've made it! Hell is raining down around us, Artillery shells everywhere. Somehow I'm still alive, I manage to save a few of my fallen brethern. Smoke out.... so much smoke. And then....
The Objective is draining it's red color. The bar is more blue than red. Then the letter is red. Finally...
The sweet taste of Victory, and the strange peace that came after. I've never had such a feeling of awe, of sacrifice, of utter accomplishment, that I got after taking that damn hill... and yet?

The Bitter:
I really want to play Battlefield in Modern era. I've built a completely new PC for this damn franchise, with all the bells and whistles... but 2042 isn't Battlefield. It's just not. It's missing that delicious gameplay, the mix of classes forcing teamwork, the feeling of being a cog in the machine. Being One of many, not many of one. I've always loved battlefield, it always had that perfect mix of arcade, tactics, and strategy. You didn't have to be a one man killing machine to have fun; it was always at its best with a few friends at your side, PTFO.
Frankly, 2042 straight up scares me that we'll never experience times like that above. Like the skyscraper falling for the first time in 4. Watching the blimp disintegrate above your head in 1. The rush from turning a seemingly lost game into a close win with a change of strategy and well coordinated teamwork. I've gone from outrage to sadness at this point. Lmao I guess I'm grieving over it, and it makes complete sense as it kind of feels like I've lost a longtime friend with Battlefield 2042.
Please Dice or EA, whoever, I don't care. Please, Please do not kill this franchise. Attempt to make 2042 a true Battlefield Experience. I know that this will never be seen by anyone important; I'm basically just yelling in the nether, and that's ok. It's kind of therapeutic in a way.
Anyways, Reddit, Please share your nostalgic stories of Battlefield below, and let's keep the hate to other threads; there's plenty of that already. I just want to remember Battlefield as it used to be for a moment. Maybe even dream a bit, what might it be like if they started adding more content again to BFV? Could you imagine how dope the Russian Theater of WW2, Desert Storm, or Vietnam would be on BFV's version of Frostbite? What a shame.

BTW, I'm Jaggerjog on Origin. Feel free to add me, I could use a few more squad mates. Maybe we can mic up sometime. PTFO, and I'll see you on the fifth Battlefield. 2042 won't be getting my CPU cycles any time soon :'(
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2022.01.28 02:15 zypherman Our first journey into making mead begins!

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2022.01.28 02:15 rumster Spider Chopper, Spider Chop, there is nothin he can do!

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2022.01.28 02:15 Gotsguy May I share my perfect, floating garbage!

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2022.01.28 02:15 mrs_fundip empowering decision made!

My ex boyfriend turned out to be a total a**hole and I’m really disappointed, but also relieved. He made me cry more than is acceptable in a healthy relationship. I believe he was my favorite person, but not anymore. I told him he was dead to me (because what he did was GENUINELY that vile) and I mean that. It felt good. I don’t know if that was okay but I can’t say I care too much. I’m better of without him! And I’m on to better things and people now. Any support and advice is welcomed, even needed 😢. I’m making an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow cause BOY do I have a lot to talk to her about.
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2022.01.28 02:15 comedian42 Trying to narrow down remaining failures

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2022.01.28 02:15 FluffyBunnyRemi Week 4: 100+ Year Old Recipe - Chocolate Pudding

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2022.01.28 02:15 scorchedhotdogs Why are disabled or deformed beggars more prevalent in Italy than the majority of other countries?

No disrespect, but in the few dozen counties I've visited (first and third world), why does there seem to be more disfigured beggars in Italy than most other countries? I would think every country has a certain population with similar conditions, but it seems much more noticeable in Italy.
Also, what is the politically-correct term to use here?
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2022.01.28 02:15 NixonThePottedPlant What's one character buff/nerf you DON'T want to happen next patch?

With how much the fusions have been getting buffed, I'm dreading Vegito legs becoming projectile invulnerable like Gogeta 236.
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2022.01.28 02:15 workthrowaway404 Step by step guide on how to enable turning on Vive

Hello, Im not great at writing guides so I'll just put all the info below as concise as possible with clickable links

  1. Launch SteamVR
  2. Open the Settings
  3. Go to Controllers and press Manage Controller Bindings
  4. Press the dropdown and click on ZenithMMO and under active controller binding click custom, then press Edit This Binding
  5. Disable Mirror Mode in the box below and edit your Trackpad on right vive controller to look like this
  6. Press the Pencil under DPAD to edit and then press the gear icon and make it look like this (this is to prevent it from reading an east input as north)
  7. Save the binding and hopefully it worked properly.
Cheers from WuDuck, hope to see you all in game!
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2022.01.28 02:15 ItsNaeem5 [QUESTION] string problem

hello !
when I bend strings after the 10th fret they go mute. is this problem from the action or the bridge ?
(I switched from 12s to 8s for my strings if this info helps)
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2022.01.28 02:15 zoomhoody A different Chevrolet C10 from the 1970s. Taken from QuirkyRides' Twitter feed)

A different Chevrolet C10 from the 1970s. Taken from QuirkyRides' Twitter feed)
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2022.01.28 02:15 AllAccessAndy I Think Rose Should Leave

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